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Hard To Part In Changing World

January 21st 2012 07:45
The world has been changing. I have been noticing. The world has been going through its ups and downs, and the streets have been growing quiet. It seems as though everyone is waiting. Waiting for the next stage. They are sitting in their rooms waiting. Working and sitting and waiting. They are feeding their dogs waiting. What is going to come?

I noticed the other day a politician was talking about how they were going to change the world. They talked about the change that would lead into the next stage of human development. In the past such promises have been left vacant. However in this election the politicians are making steps to cleanse. Not to say the world is going to be rid of all its dirty in one step. But a little rift that might form into a wave is always positive. Or is it?

I noticed the other day I had a parent whose face was also changing. They began to grow dressy, then casual, and then topsy turvy. The world seemed to have already dropped them, and they were unable to cope with depression they were being fed.

So the world is changing. It is also staying the same. It is doing flips and handstands. Then it is hibernating. The world is changing and standing. No one knows what it is going to do next!

“Hey there Kym!” cheered sister Tiana.

“Hi there Tiana!” I cheered.

“What are you doing?” asked Tiana.

“Writing out what is happening with the world;” I said.

“What is happening with the world?” asked Tiana.

“Sort of been changing;” I muttered.

“Oh?” asked Tiana. “I haven't really noticed;” she said as she twirled her hair in fingers.

“Really, it has been. A whole load of change;” I said.

“That's a shame;” sighed Tiana. “Cause I really like the world and would hate for it to change!” she said.

“Why is that?” I asked as I furrowed my brows.

“Because I really enjoy where I am at! Everyone is friendly, shops sell things that are affordable, and its wonderful! The city streets are clean, and the parks are clean, and the beaches are clean...” Tiana twirled. “It is fantastic!” she said.

I looked to Tiana and I noticed the blush.

“Wow Tiana that is so great that you like it so much;” I said.

“Yes! I know it is wonderful to appreciate life;” she sung as she tilted her head. “I hope everyone in the world is doing as well as me!” she said.

“Really? That is so positive;” I said as I began to play with my pen as time ticked behind my head.

“I know it is!” said Tiana as she sighed and let a few seconds pass. “So now that we are on the subject of enjoying life, do you have money for home delivery?” she asked as she blinked my way. “Because I hate the gross food in the fridge! There's a whole kilo of tofu! I hate tofu!” she whined.

“I know but it is so good for the body!” I cheered as I smiled.

“I know, but it sucks! Let me have some money;” Tiana said.

“No I will not give you money, for I have none;” I muttered.

“Aww, but that sucks!” Tiana told me as she pouted. “That is no good for me = you are wasting life by holding back;” she muttered.

“I plan to have grilled tofu on toast!” I ensured as I picked up my head. “That is also fine with me!” I added.

“Okay;” sighed Tiana as she wrinkled her brow. “Okay then you eat tofu;” she muttered before she left.

I looked at the door as it closed. I began to wonder if I had been too hard? Maybe I should have given Tiana thirty dollars in order to order pizza. Maybe I was just being way too harsh. It didn't make sense that I should feel so sorry, but I did. I sighed and began to stare at my money box. After a while I realised that I didn't want to change.

“No one is getting my money while I am saving!” I gasped as I picked up my pen and began to write. “So where was I?” I questioned as writers block came to me and lodged itself inside of my brain.

I picked up my pen and I began to draw a little. It always calmed me to draw. It made me feel really good. However then when nothing came I began to grow distracted. There was a smell, and I began to grow hungry smelling it! I picked myself up, and then I moved towards the smell. In the kitchen the fry-pans were cooking. They were making stir-fry vegetables. It was a delicious smell, that made me want to eat.

“Hi Tiana, can I have some?” I asked.

“No this is my meal! You can have yours after!” she scolded before she began to cook some more.

I sighed and said fair enough. I then moved to my room. I began to write about change again, however all the words came out as garble! I began to notice the garble, and I began to grow a little turned off from writing. All I would ended up with would be a wrist ache and words which I would have to throw away.

I threw my pen away and began to brood as fine cooking wafted to me. After a while of brooding the cooking stopped, and I got off from my chair to make me a meal. In the kitchen I opened the fridge and looked around! It was empty! All I saw were empty shelves that once had vegetables on them! All that was left was a big lump of tofu which looked as though it had turned a little as it sat in its own juices. I began to grimace! Tiana had eaten all the vegetables, and all I had left was some old tofu.

“Maybe I'll order delivery after all;” I muttered before I moved to collect the money I had never wanted to part with!


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