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Increase Business for Your Frozen Yogurt Shop - by Point of Sale for Restaurants and Retail

“Good” Bacteria - Beneficial Bacteria in Frozen Yogurt

December 7th 2012 01:09
Most of the time, the word bacteria brings up negative connotations. While disease-causing pathogenic bacteria are “bad,” there is a variety of “good,” beneficial bacteria too.

In fact, you probably have lots of these living in your stomach and intestines right now.

These friendly bacteria are called probiotic bacteria. They include any bacteria that is proposed by medical science to be beneficial to the host organism.

frozen yogurt, gelato, ice cream, good bacteria, probiotic bacteria, point of sale, pos
Probiotic Bacteria in your Frozen Yogurt!

Probiotic Bacteria - What do they do?

For humans, many of these probiotic bacteria help with digestion, fend off harmful pathogenic bacteria, or create vitamins that the human body needs. Some of them do all of these things!

“Good” Bacteria in Frozen Yogurt

What does this mean for frozen yogurt? Will the probiotic bacteria die when they are frozen?

Bacteria is special in that most of the time they will not die from being frozen. Some may, but many will live on in a suspended state, their growth greatly reduced or stopped entirely. Once thawed out, these bacteria will resume growing and continue to thrive.

That means that frozen yogurt can have beneficial bacteria living within it. Once the yogurt warms up in your belly, the good bacteria cells resume growth and continue to help your body fight off harmful bacteria.

frozen yogurt, gelato, ice cream, point of sale, pos, probiotic bacteria, good bacteria
Frozen Yogurt!

Heat-Treated Frozen Yogurts

There’s just one problem. Most frozen yogurt bought from grocery stores and yogurt shops are heat-treated during mixing and creation. This usually involves boiling the milk that forms the base of the yogurt before adding other ingredients.

The probiotic bacteria living within yogurt cannot survive temperatures above 112 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that heat-treated yogurts are usually completely devoid of friendly bacteria cultures.

You can tell which yogurts contain probiotic bacteria cultures by looking for a stamp on the side of the yogurt that says “Contains live and active cultures.”

How to get Probiotic Bacteria in Your Store’s Frozen Yogurt

If you own or run a Frozen Yogurt Store and wish to serve yogurt containing living probiotic bacteria, you should ask your yogurt producer if they treat their yogurt with heat during the creation process. If not, then you can rest assured that you will be serving healthy yogurt containing friendly bacteria cultures within it!

Hoping to improve your Frozen Yogurt Store? Cafe Cartel Systems can help!

With Cafe Cartel Systems’ Point Of Sale software, we can help you keep track of which yogurts you serve that have probiotic bacteria cultures within them and which do not. You can become the undisputed master of healthy frozen yogurt!

Our Point Of Sale software and hardware packages include
*Integrated Scales - know exactly how much yogurt you are selling to your customers
*Multiple Cup Weight Compensation - deduct the weight of the cup for accurate readings
*Products Certified by the Department of Weights and Measures
*Label Support
*The ONLY Inventory System for frozen yogurt!
“Self Serve Style” menus and many other easy-to-use menus
*Inventory Reconciliation
*Labor Scheduling for Employees - keeps track of employee hours
*Quickbooks Integration

How can Cafe Cartel Systems help you?

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