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I am woman, hear me roar. What is this space for? Why do I need a message? Read my blog, understand my that I mean, I how perceive the world that we all live in. Its amazing, isn't many things going on at once.

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I am an avid shopper, neo soul poet, and a reader of anything informational. As a student I strive to increase my understanding of certain aspects of life. Some of my favorite topics include business, entrepreneurship and art. I would like to break into the public relations and event planning industries in the future, however I have a strong desire to continue expressing my opinion about common beliefs and misunderstandings; as well as clothing, technology, pop culture and legislature.


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Girl, I AM REALLY GOING THROUGH IT, what is it going to take for me to
be successful. I mean dang. I'm ready!!!! SERIOUSLY I'm willing to go
broke for this. Am I having a melt down. I mean I'm looking on face book
and I see Dennis DPZ doing big things I mean I understand once you have
heart surgery it can motivate you to do anything. but I don't have a
life threating illness but I still want to "GET THIS MONEY"! I know you
feel me. Its seems like I'm going super slow I need to move into high
gear, any suggestion's for my sluggish a%&! I know that the future for me
is in Flash I'm registering for a class which I know is going to take
some time but in the mean time I can practice on my own, but is that
going to slow me up? what do you think?

There is time in the day to do so many things, other than work and class. So that me the first thing to do is maintain an order, TIME MANAGEMENT. Put together a list of your skills and how much time you can devote to them. This will help you get your perspective, get an idea of what you can do, how much you'd like to be compensated (base/hourly), and also determine how long it will take for you to comfortably complete a tasks.

My next suggestion is that there are tons of things that you are great at, the thing to do is MULTI TASK, while you are taking the flash classes (or about to take the class) start doing a few of the things on your list, whether its interior design, preparing your own or some else's website, photography @ weddings, looking for people that want illustrations for their own publications.

Get your name out there. No one really knows that you are looking for extra work unless you tell them. There are online networking sites that allow you to post your skill (Creative Group, LinkedIn, Craigslist) and basically publicize your business. And I know that you hate MySpace, but its money there. Which leads me to number three of my suggestions, CHASE MONEY...follow it. If you hang around with 5 broke &@#$as, you liable to be the 6th one...that's my new motto. Networking events around the city allow you to meet people that are starting businesses, have side hustles or companies looking to contract work, this is where you need to be.

Use the tools that you've worked for, Freedom, Job History, Car, Internet and Degree to propel yourself in the right circle of people. Learn names, stay up with industry terms and systems, keep in touch, attend and invite...get social (even if it makes you a little uncomfortable at first), if you want money, you got to get it from the people who have money to spend.

Put your God-given virtues to work i.e TIME, SKILL, AMBITION, CHARISMA...all of this behind your career as the sole proprietor of Graphic 20/20, its gotta work!?

(This will be a good blog later)


It just seems that the establishment doesn't want us to succeed. By establishment I mean, the Detroit City Council, The Office of the Mayor, those who re-elected Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick. Its time for a change, its time for a new Detroit. A step in the right direction was taken when Kwame was elected for his first term, however, I feel that the already in place structure may have dirtied his mind. There was too much power, he couldn't handle it, and he was properly equipped to disseminate order to the proper people. Instead of searching out business owners, land developers and large corporations he got stuck with the normal humdrum of the hand out seeking public.

Detroit was once a bountifully mobile metropolis for not only the automotive industry but for performers, artists, intellectuals, small business owners, collectives and associations. Now, our morale has been shot, there was no back up plan, everyone is looking for someone to blame. Its not the Big 3, its not failing sports teams, its not the crumbling and corrupt school system, its piss poor planning. Detroit is to blame for it own position, we lacked a back up plan, we misplaced leadership, we distorted the facts and let the media whisper sweet lies in our ears. We became uneducated portals of information, spreading gossip, hear-say and the such from one little ghetto household to the next. Now we can't take ownership for the mistakes that were made.

I want to be a proud Detroiter again, I want people to smile when I proclaim, "I'm from Detroit." instead of back off and say "Really? You? Wow." (honestly I have gotten this reaction so many times, it's like a script, and we keep having to do re-takes, completely annoying)

There are smart people in Detroit, there are opportunities for new leadership to take power, take control and not have to succumb to taking advantage. I am talking about Young Detroit, those graduates of high school and college that actually paid attention in class, they have the ability to put together a few productive sentences and explain that they are willing and able to help. We want to be after school programs looking for teachers, we are ready to be city employees, police, chair holders, council members. We are small business owners trying desperately to tap into the Detroit consumer. But there are obstacles.

Small businesses aren't given incentives for opening up shop in Detroit, we have to devote too much time to creating our consumer, educating them on the fact that there are a thousand other trends in fashion, education, career development, and entertainment, than those currently found in our shell of a city. I want so badly to become successful here, but so many of my former classmates have thrown in the towel, and I am not only disappointed but discouraged. I see that they've worked hard, they've hosted a few events, completed their degrees, kept in contact with friends, colleagues and other productive individuals, but without fail, they fail, move away to another city and seem to thrive.

I think of Detroit much like I think of the men I've dated, cute, a little interesting but all broke, living in their mothers' home, slightly uneducated, thuggish and ignorant...the everyday Detroit man. I feel like I need to help these men, I search out new job openings that may interest them, carry them to networking events, urge them to better verbalize there goals, I treat them like a great woman would treat a great man, except for the fact that these men aren't great. In the end they turn out to be losers, users and lames. They, like Old Detroit, want a handout and a hand up, motivation doesn't do anything for them unless it comes with about $50 and a bag of weed. Its sad. So I dump them and move on to the next. It's a vicious cycle of self deprivation.

I want to be Proud of being from Detroit, other than the fact that I made it out of the city, I want to say that my city is thriving, people are relocating here, students are competing nationally, businesses are overwhelmed. How can we get there? How can we put PROUD and DETROIT in the same sentence? Talk to me people.

Day on the town...DC Stand Up

August 6th 2008 21:30
I just left the most pleasant Fedex Kinkos in Judiciary Sq. The copy professionals were so helpful. There was the one guy named Tony who literally walked me through every step...and I wasn't at all offended because for some reason I didn't know what I was doing.

Yesterday I was supposed to go out with Omar..but he stood us up. Got drunk though..had a conversation with Bruce (Tiff's dad) and I fell asleep mid-sentence. I am on my way to the Department of Human Resources or the Public Library...hit me up later.

Oh, I have a date with Uncle Jeff...hope that goes well. He told me that I can't call Him Uncle anymore.

---Side note, the new Palm Centro from Sprint is a wonderful thing, can't you see my dark purple enameled OPI manicured nails punching away. These "mini-blogs" are increasingly fun, seriously I had the best time figuring out that on my Centro I can type up to 22 wpm. I think that this is crazy.

So, by this day in my vacation I wasn't really expecting much. I hadn't gone on any wild and crazy stunts or binges, hadn't seen any other fantastic wonderful looking men (Uncle Jeff, what's up? Call me.). I wanted something real.

My date with Uncle Jeff went really well, we hit it off and are now getting married, our first child will be due early 2010.

Psych, what do you think this is, its ORBLE, its great and less constricting.

My trip turned out to be a revelation, I grew a little independence, getting around in the middle of the big city. Learning the ways of the people. What is it about, being in Rome?

I think I burned a whole in GoogleMaps on my phone. Did you know that all you have to do is find your locations, type another in and it really gives you the right directions to where ever you are trying to go. Its a wonderful thing.

Also, why is it that Detroit has no stores in its downtown area? I am walking for three minutes in DC and there have been 7 Starbucks, 2 Radio Shacks, and Fedex Kinkos. Then there is a Macy's, H&M, Payless Shoes, and some other boutiques up ahead. There is an untapped consumer base in Detroit, headquarters of Compuware, General Motors and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

More to come later. I feel a rant coming on.

Jul 28..The date from hell

August 5th 2008 10:23

this is some weird s#$t. So you know that the only reason that I came down here was to visit with my girl. Well if you know that come she don't get it?

So after we get back from the track..which was random and the selection of men was lacking, but after we get to the cars back at her uncles house (the cute one that tried to holla, semi-muslim) she gets a call and her crazy a$& parents are fighting, her dad can't find a place to stay

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Girl. So she came and got me. I am mad that her uncle is attractive and it definitely looks like he is going to try and get my number.

I am a little hyped to go the race track. Apparently its a large gathering of people

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Special Series of blogs...

August 5th 2008 10:07
Hello all,

I would like to take this chance to welcome you to my new blogging category. I struggled with what I wanted to call, at first it was "Two Black Gurls Talking", then "Letters to Kim," and after that it was something else, but I really like the title "To my homegirls..." because I think that alot of people can relate to that. This series is a group of emails that I sent to one of my best friends during my vacation travels. A business owner, college graduate and homegirl, Kim, my friend, has always offered an ear to any rant that I have against the world

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Well people, small business owners, artists and the such, how’s it been? How’s it going? Where’s it going?

So, I have the answers to some of your promotional and public relations questions. People are asking what it is that a public relations firm does? What services does the B.East Production team provide

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Can I be single!?

March 30th 2008 01:02

I have to comment, I'm from Detroit!

March 26th 2008 10:34
So yesterday Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former Chief of Staff were charged with a cumulative 12 counts of an assortment of crimes. Ranging from perjury to obstruction of justice and the conspiracy to commit a crime the entire city as it seemed like the little pieces of our reputation were washed down the river.
But let's go into something a little more pressing. Why does our leadership feel as if they are untouchable? Like anything that is hidden in plain sight, eventually someone tells you that its there. No man is above the law...thanks Ben. I feel that it all comes to comfort. Mayor Kilpatrick was too comfortable from the beginning of his first term. He felt that he ruled the world. Obviously forgetting that it's only Detroit. The Mayor never had a sense of gratitude when the results awarding his second term where aired. He presented a speech of "Detroiters have finally done something right". He's audacious and bold and when you mix those with power and stupidity the outcome will never be good.
But remember Detroiters, city officials, and legislatures, remember that when the rain falls it doesn't fall on one mans house. As sure as Kwame is convicted he will take every single person in his circle along with him. And why wouldn't he? He doesn't know who to trust, who blew the whistle on the text messages? I know you aren't naive enough to believe that the Free Press found them on their own. Au contra ire. Say it with me, "who snitched?". And I am not against snitching, I'm against half-snitching or hinting at a piece of the truth. There is way more to this that meets the eye. There are more people involved than we've imagined

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Comment by gnrlstudies
on Where does the passion begin?

January 17th 2008 14:05
I'm the same way...if its your passion, why does it have to be hard. Unless, because its your don't mind that its difficult or time consuming or not paying off in the beginning.

This can be a very philosophical debate, filled with questions and pseudo-conclusions.

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Comment by gnrlstudies
on Chloe Platform Wedges

January 7th 2007 03:47
I understand that people sometimes fall victim to trends. But what I don't understand is why some/most people don't see that they are actually "victims". Chunky heels are in, okay, we get it. Chunky heels go with mini-skirts, a boy shorts, and dresses, and skinny jeans. Okay, okay, okay. But what is not said is that if you are a size twenty-four and you do not have well-defined ankles, it is a bad idea to look at, try-on, buy, wear, contemplate buying chunky heels or wedges, be them Chloe or Payless.

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