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February 7th 2009 05:52
The following message was sent to me from Gene ethics. Anyone who has followed this issue will know that it has taken ongoing pressure by some dedicated people to convince the government to tread carefully. Gene technology is largely the domain of huge agri-businesses and anecdotal evidence suggests that genetically modified crops cause sterility in livestock. It is a huge unknown and completely unnecessary.

Six Victorian local councils have asked the Victorian State Government to declare their areas GM-free Zones.
Some candidates from 46 of Victoria's 79 councils who support GM-free policies are:
Ballarat City
Belinda Coates <belinda.coates@vic.greens.or>
Brett Edgington <>
Jon Stanger < u>
Banyule City
Ian Kirk <>
Damian Magner <>
Gerrit Schorel-Hlavka" < u>
Bass Coast Shire (passed GM-free motion that needs full implementation)
Gareth Barlow <>
Philip Wright <>
Jane Dore Daly <>
Christopher Nagle <>
John Duscher
Veronica Dowman <>

Kelly Simrajh
Peter Paul <>
Ernest Smith
Roger Thorrowgood
Baw Baw Shire
Liz Clay <>
Tricia Jones <triciajones.4.drouin@gmail.c om>
David Balfour <>
Ivan Saxton <>
Bayside City
Anastasia Kriticos
David Low
Benalla Rural City
Peter Dunn <>
Boroondara City
Brad Miles <>
Teodor Bila <>
Stanko Stapar <>
Heinz Kreutz < .au>
Martin Smith <>
David Bloom <>
Cardinia Shire
Gloria O'Connor <>
Linda Hamilton <>
Kate Lempriere" < .au>
Casey City
John Rickard" <>
Miriam Ekladious <>
Lynette Keleher <>
Darebin City
Trevor Poulton <>
Liz Leveridge < u>
Sara Scally <>
East Gippsland Shire
Jane Rowe <>
Mendy Urie
Dale Fisher <>
Raymond Amos <>
Graeme Blennerhassett <>
Tony Meade>
Peter Gardner <>
Clint Eastwood <clinteastwoodeastgippsland@y>
Trudy Anderson
Bill Gamble <>
Peter Neal <> (My hands are tied until you get me into council)
Frankston City
Susan Jarmo <>
Henryk Kay <> (presented a GM-free petition to council)
Jaymz Stevens < .au>
Golden Plains Shire
Mark Hooke <>
Greater Bendigo City
David Jones <avidjonessedgwick@hotmail.c om>
Rod Fyffe
Elaine Harrington <>
Peter Cox <>
Bruce Carpenter <>
Wendy Radford < .au>
Julian Poloniato
Trudi McClure <>
Julie Rivendell <>
Stuart Fraser
Kevin Gibbins
Wayne Gregson <>
Keith Reynard
Greater Dandenong City
Jim Reiher <>
John Ward (see: Really Long Link
Geraldine Gonsalvez < m>
Maria Sampey <>
Greater Geelong
Bob Hynes" <> (will talk it over if elected)
Nick Montgomery < m>
Stephen Juhasz <>
Hepburn Shire
Don Henderson <>
Rod May <>
Mark Radford <> (may share some of our concerns)
Iestyn Hosking <>
Steve Gagen <>
Kingston (passed a motion re food services but not activated)
Dean Andrew <>
Geoffrey Heard <>
Mara Hayler <>
Rosemary West <>
Caspar Cumming <>
Martha Baptist <>
Gerard Flood" <>
Caroline O'Donnell <>
Steve Bullock < .au>
Mark Lavale <>
Amanda Leeper < u>
John Giles <>
Jim Penna <> (backs VLGA GM site register policy only)
William Barber <> (on the fence)
Linda Reid <> (interested but where does she stand?)
Macedon Ranges
Brian Whitefield <>
Anne Moore <>
Russell Yardley <> (yet to be convinced)
Vincent Choi <>
Raymond Hoser <>
Mia Spizzica <>
Garry Addison <Garry.Addison@cpaaustralia.c>
Maroondah (petition recently tabled, needs action)
Alex Makin < .au>
Joseph Toscano <>
Brian Forde <>
Sophie McEwen <>
No responses
Anna Dominguez Smith <>
Josh Fergeus < au>
Karl Le <>
Moonee Valley
Ange Kenos <>
Hamish Jones <> (just wants more info)
Oscar Yildiz <>
Stella Kariofyllidis <>
Vannessa Hearman <>
Turan Ertekin
Sue Bolton <>
Anita Carcour <>
Hashem Ouaida <>
Christopher Anderson <>
Alice Pryor <>
Mornington Peninsula
Reade Smith <>
Gillian Blair <>
** Anna Dillon <> (own views - won't discuss GM-free)
Sigmund Jorgensen <sigmund.jorgensen@montsalvat>
Linda Laos <>
Tony Adams <>
Liezl Shnookal < u>
Jenna Farrington <>
Port Phillip
Anthony Scrinis <> (no comment yet)
Ann Birrell < u>
David Carter <> (will consider GM-free if elected)
Anne Austin <>
South Gippsland
Jennie Deane <>
David Lewis <>
Kieran Kennedy
Bob Newton
Mimmie Jackson <>
Warren Raabe
Southern Grampians
Stafford Hall < .au>
Surf Coast
John Foss <>
Swan Hill
Lisa Owen <>, <>
Jenifer Lowe <>
West Wimmera
Warren Wait
Philip Daw <>
Joseph Magill <>
Denise Massoud < u>
Mladenovski Zoran <>
Ed Foulston <>
Yarra Ranges (Has GM-free policies. More to be done)
Samantha Dunne <>
Di Moore <>
Jo Tenner <>
Ian Harris <>
Alan Coutinho-Hogan <>
Lisa Nink <>
Joanne Switserloot <> (requested more info)
Yarra (has GM-free policies. They need more pro-active implementation)
Stephen Jolly <Stephen.Jolly@yarracity.vic.>
Denise Dudley
Anthony Main <>
Sam Gaylard < u>
Amanda Stone < au>
Davis Clayton < .au>
Gurm Sekhon <>
Alison Clarke < u>
Jenny Farrar < u>
** Tom McFeely" <> (disagrees with GM-free)
Terry Grange <>

Please also ask your local council to be GM-free. Gene Ethics will supply a petition tailored for your area and a 2 page briefing. Please email us with the name of your council and your personal contact details.

Many councils are also making their meals on wheels, creches and other food services GM-free, and taking various other GM-free actions. These are all important to turning the tide on the few hectares of GM canola grown this year.

Together, we can still win a GM-free future. Please take positive action for GM-free in your local community.
Peace and joy,

Bob Phelps
Executive Director
Gene Ethics
Level 2, 60 Leicester St, Carlton 3053 Australia
Tel: 1300 133 868 or 03 9347 4500 {Int Code 613}
Mob: 0449 769 066
Fax: 03 9341 8199

Gene Ethics website:
Really Long Link


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10 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Mountain Fog

February 7th 2009 06:52
the real fight should have been taken up before one grain of GM touched pristine Aussie soil.

I posted about this months ago, largely ignored, as was my personal representations to various Ministers.

The real problem is food supply and its control, which GM food lends itself to perfectly, with the "terminator seed."

The awful fact is, farmers don't care, they want results, so drought proof food is what they need.

Prof. Gustav Nossal, an alma mater of mine, had the temerity to justify his supprt for GM food, with, "The farmers seem to want it!"

This, without proper investigation as to the long term effects of GM!!!

The British scientist, who first detected anomalies with GM, was hounded out of his university chair, sued and publicly chastised, all because of a technical mistake in his research, however, since then, four European scientists have gone over his work, and all agree with his outcomes, and more, saying GM grain fed mice and rats developed babies with smaller organs.

On top of this, Japan and the European Union, pleaded with Australia to keep it GM Free, (more recently NSW) and they would buy all our canola crops, as we have the last known non-GM canola left in the world!

So, I congratulate you for keeping this issue alive, by pointing out some councils are objecting, but plead with you to start spreading the truth about this dangerous and most likely irreversible step, into global food control, and possible clandestine population control mechanism.



Comment by Teresa Ralton

February 7th 2009 07:21
Hi Fog
Yes it is terrible that GM technology even got a foothold in Australia. What really stirred me up was I heard a guy being interviewed on the radio about 6 years ago, arguing passionately and convincingly against it and I think a lot of people know intuitively that it is not good to tamper with nature in this way. The real crime, of course (and you probably know a lot more about this than I do) is that it is so so unneccessary but is presented as a solution just so greedy giants of agri-business can profit. Even if you have been ignored - when approaching the ministers - you should remember that your complaints will have joined many others aiming for the same outcome.

Comment by katyzzz

February 18th 2009 05:17
I hate those greedy giants and there are so many of them, just look how they've messed up the world to date and the crisis they've all left us with, but Governments just dilly and dally half the time not collecting the proper taxes.

It's a hardenuf life. You're doing well.

Comment by Teresa Ralton

February 18th 2009 05:31
Hi Katyzzz
I think that the biggest problem is that people are like sheep and want to be told what to do. They just accept the proclamations of those who take the reins. They complain but don't ever do anything in their lives to facilitate change. This is harsh, I know, but that is how I see the mob.

Comment by william wallace

May 9th 2009 10:40
I am a farmer . I am also a farmer who is appalled by the total disreguard that some of my fellow farmers who have , through greed and stupidity, jeopardised the health of the people of Australia and the world by growing GM crops.I sat in the NSW parliament as Mr Ian Mcdonald , the agriculture minister pushed through the legislation that allowed the farmers of NSW to grow GM canola,and in effect destroyed Australian agriculture 's clean green image forever.
A number of ,at best described as selfish, farmers have grown GM canola last season .This curse has now entered your food chain ,if it had not already been there due to virtually meaningless lableing laws , and will contiue to do so as big grain handlers such as Graincorp are not even bothering to segregate nonGM and GM,a task which despite the Governments assurance was allways going to be impossible. Not only that but last season a lot of GM canola was cut for hay and I would assume was fed and is probably being to livestock for our consumption. Not to mention who knows how much has blown or fallen out of grain trucks all over the place and is growing for livestock to eat.
The horse has indeed bolted , probably irreversibly so, as by design was always going to be the case. This is how the massive multinational companies behind the GM products get their foot in the door. If anyone thinks for one moment that they will stop there you either have to be very naive or stupid . There is already moves a foot to introduce GM wheat in the very near future ,soon your bread will be GM.
Our government is already in the process of handing our whole farming sector over to the multinational GM affilliated companies and are so convinced this is the way to go as they are closing most of our Non GM agricultural research centres down as fast as they can.
Once introduced farmers have no choice but to grow GM as the patent gene laws are such that there is no protection for farmers found with any stray or contaminated plants.
Good luck finding any long term independant health studies on GM foods as to quote one of our leading nutritionalists I was told that even if you can aquire the material to test,if you attempt to print ahything negetive about GM these companies will crush you !?

Comment by jimmy

May 9th 2009 23:46
My mother can no longer access her account - it has been blocked - so she has asked me to post her reply:

Hi William,
Thanks very much for your informative and enlightening response.
I am not at all knowledgeable about the details of GM production but from what I do know it seems clear to me that it is plainly wrong and so very unnecessary.
I posted this information from Gene Ethics because they are actively doing something to address this issue of which the public remains largely unaware. It is simply depressing but I hope that more people become informed of what is going on and that the situation in Australia begins to reverse and return to at least something resembling former agricultural purity. Control for profit at a global level is a frightening reality. That's what it really comes down to. But it is never too late to make a situation better. i guess a lot of farmers only think in the short term and people who oppose what the government is doing are viewed as renegades not to be trusted. Thanks again for responding.

Comment by Anonymous

June 4th 2009 05:46
Remove my email address (ardicagiuseppe_AT_hotmail) from here: I am receiving far too much rubbish spam since you put it in the blog.

Comment by jimmy

June 4th 2009 06:23
I am the former owner of the blog that listed your email address in info sent to me by Gene ethics. I no longer have access to this blog so you will need to contact Orble directly.
And a PLEASE would not have gone astray.

Comment by Peppe71

June 7th 2009 05:26
Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately I was upset because my email is litterally bombarded with spam, fishing and fake offers email. And this is the only public website were the email address is visible. I didn't meant to be rude, I just don't like that.

Comment by jimmy

June 7th 2009 08:52
No problem. Hope it gets fixed quickly.

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