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There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness - Carl Jung To be at one with God is to be at peace ... peace is to be found only within, and unless one finds it there he will never find it at all. Peace lies not in the external world. It lies within one's own soul. - Ralph Waldo Trine

Genetic memory

Genetic Memory is something which has always intrigued me. What is it? Some call it instinct, but what exactly is instinct? Some say that it`s memories that are innate, already coded into our DNA. But how can you have a memory of something you have never experienced? I suppose it begins the argument of what came first – the chicken or the egg? It has to have started somewhere back in time.

Reading ‘McCarthy’s Bar’ (Pete McCarthy ISBN 978-0-340-93637-5) recently, he writes:

‘But these golden childhood memories have become a problem; for now, when I return to Ireland, I feel that I belong, in a way that I have never belonged in the land of my birth. Even though I loved growing up in the north, England leaves me feeling detached: an outsider, an observer, in some way passing through. But as soon as I hit the tarmac or the quayside over there, I feel involved, engaged – as if I`ve come home, even though I`ve never actually lived there.

So what I`m wondering is this. Is it possible to have some kind of genetic memory of a place you`ve never lived, but your ancestors have? Or am I just a sentimental old fool, my judgement fuddled by nostalgia, Guiness, and the romance of the diaspora?’

I myself, in my worldly travels, have experienced this same thing before. Stepping, for the first time, into a country and immediately feeling at home.

There is also another book I recall called ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ (Dr Brian Weiss), where a young woman, plagued for years by deep depression, unrelenting after hours of therapy and trials of medication. Suddenly she came across a Psychologist who, under hypnosis, discovered that she was remembering all these past lives. I think they uncovered 84 of them during their sessions, and in each one the same people found each other, in different bodies, in different roles.

So is genetic memory a result of past lives? The Buddhists say that we leave fingerprints on our souls as reminders for future lives of certain things we have experienced along the way.

So what do you think of all this genetic memory stuff? Have you ever had an experience of it before? What about past lives?
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1. November 13th 2008 @ 02:06. Kleonaptra Says:
Mum and I talk about our past lives all the time - my memory goes back further but I have worked a lot harder on retrieving it. I definitely remember Kman.

Instinct and previous life memory is in your spirit or soul - genetics is in your body. In the womb, you 'create' yourself, you take the chromosomes you want from the genetic material of your parents. I used to believe my soul had just flown in to any old body, but thats not true. Magic is mapped on these bones and running in this blood - I would bet anything that this body is a direct descendant of the previous lives I remember. If we could trace far enough, I believe our bloodline would connect directly back to England and Ireland of the time the Shining Ones bred into the human race because I know utterly that I am Sidhe. I have only ever met one other person with as much Sidhe blood as me, and they were not related to me. I have met plenty of Fey (Sidhe are the royalty of the Fey, and Fey encompass all the magical races from wood sprites to warriors) and mixed Fey - you even look Fey!

After meeting Kman his mum made a point of telling me both Kman and his sister are Fey. Yes, but not Sidhe like me. Close, but not quite. Through us the blood will be strengthened as it is the joining of two very spiritual lines, very exciting.

So, what I believe is this - when your spirit resides in the ether, the choice of body is not random. You must 'wait' for the correct body with the correct genetics to appear, and implant your soul within it. While in the womb we tend to 'choose' the same physical features we had before, in previous lives, and though we dont look the same, we recognise ourselves in the mirror. We have the same powers and lessons we had before but are now a new generation learning new things. If you throw away this gift with suicide, you get thrown back to square one - your genetic history is erased - but if you continue to evolve along your 'path' then the gifts only continue to accumulate.

Strange things have occured - people who remember their previous lives and searched through time periods...And found pictures of themselves, looking almost the same. Letters in their current handwriting written hundreds of years before they were born. It is so much easier, and with greater power, when the family have made an effort to this effect and have documentation spreading over the ages. Just about everyone in Australia has lost that link to their ancestors as convicts in the new land, we were not granted that right, and the links are lost. Many european families have pictures of the ancestors on the walls and old diaries, etc, and the children have a greater understanding of themselves due to this.

My greatest dream is to create a legacy - A piece of land and a house where we can start again, so in the next few decades I can be reincarnated on to my own land, within my bloodline...And see a picture of myself on the wall! Do you get what I mean? At the moment its so scattered and my family is wandering and fragmented. With Kman I plan to create this legacy - a safe place for our souls to evolve.
2. November 17th 2008 @ 04:48. Ash Says:
Hiya K

Wow I find all of this so very interesting. My family have never been into anything other than work, work and work, so all of this is a new and exciting world for me.

I love the idea of what you have said, this world evolving and changing. I wonder why we have to die in order to come back and carry on our journey? And in so doing go back to the start, perhaps wasting a few lifetimes because we choose not to remember too?

I have always been fascinated by others beliefs and cultures and have recently been going up to the local monastery to learn about the Buddhists. Fascinating insights into a fascinating world and so much to learn that can be applied to ones own life.

Thanks for your interesting comment. Loved it!

3. November 21st 2008 @ 03:55. Lilla Says:
Hi Ash,

I have to agree with Kleo, although I believe there are perhaps more than just two races.

I have reclaimed an object in this life that I lost in the 1800s. I was digging in the garden as a child and when I touched the object, it was as if a Matrix styled dowload (or movie) played across the inner eye. I knew immediately, that what I am now, is not what I was then ... but who I was then explained so much about my anxieties and tates of whom I am now. and so I know my soul path (or mind continum as the Buddhists say), has developed further.

Theory : Perhaps death is so truamatic and violent to the unprepared that the memory of it has to be erased in order for you to try again at making the next death a better/easier/nicer experience?

I could answer the whole purpose of this *system* being as it is (about the experiment of the third and fourth dimensions), as could most indigenous peoples... but it is involved and best explained by reading a book called the Gaia Project 2012 by Hwee Yong Jang. ... you can visit the website <<here>> As you know I have read so much on the presumed Apocoplyse and the Maya/2012 subject, but there is much about this explanation by Jang that only *feels right,* but it ties up so many loose ends previously wafting about in both my inner space and the outer reality. It is a wonderful read.

Theory : after reading this book, it may be clear that 2012 itself is the point where consciousness shifts up a gear so that we are in fact more prepared for death?

As for this life and genetic memory inherited through ancestral bloodlines. I am of European Romany Gypsy blood, through and through, yet when I stepped into India, I was right at home. Only to discover later that the Romani descended from the nomads of India, travelling right across Europe to Spain itself. They did not originate there.

*laughs* I really have to agree with what he is saying about England feeling disengaged .. I grew up there too. It is a very disengaged place indeed... yet no less charming.

an interesting question.

Lilla ...

4. November 21st 2008 @ 13:04. Kleonaptra Says:
Hi Guys, My two most favourite minds on my favourite subject! Aah, Ash, you do pick em well....

I did not mean to imply in any way that there are only two races. There are literally billions, and I am only referring to the Fey who have been rumoured to live in faerie mounds, who in themselves had a few hundred races, the most 'evolved' (Or magical?) of which was the Sidhe. Its only a legend....But so many times we feel the legends are true dont we?

Thats amazing Lilla. I often have dreams of places where Ive left things, but never actually found them.

Kmans a forgetter. He's spent his whole life trying to be 'just like everyone else' and it literally hurts his head when I talk about the ether...He remembers, but theres a block, for sure. He only remembers when its convenient.

Im starting to feel you are a bit of a forgetter too Ash....
5. November 29th 2008 @ 12:56. Optomistic Opportunism Says:
Hey all.

It makes my eyes watery the thought of stepping out onto the other side of the world and it feeling like home. Having moved around the inner city here in Sydney recently deepened my insight into the idea of 'community.'

Some of us will identify and automatically fit in with social norms of certain parts of the world. Some are domesticated (ie home=mama earth) enough to feel in place anywhere they go.

Genetic memory is certainly an interesting topic. But which way does it lean towards - science or art?
6. June 2nd 2009 @ 03:03. Zaivier Says:
I have often wondered about genetic memory and what I believe it to be is still but a theory. But let me shed a little light on what I'm talking about. First let me make it clear that I am a believer and follower of Christ and the things he taught while he was here.

Now on with my theory about genetic memory and how it could be viewed as a christian. First of all Christ taught that, " it is appointed unto man once die". So even if I could recall past lives as some would say that they have lived, this doesn't seem to corrispond with what Christ taught. Therefore there must be another explaination.

I believe that geneology may hold the answer, Both physical genetics and spiritual pre-ordination of our spirits to be joined to a particular blood line. I believe that because we are spirits having a physical experience, that it is our spirit that is the true essence of who we are and what we shall become. I think that there are those who have gifts of the spirit where as they tend to be able to view the historical events of those within their pre-ordained blood line, both things past and possibly even those which are to come. I think that this Spiritual gift is very similar to that of prophecy but is given more for a personal learning tool or perhaps so as to be able to find a link to your ancestors even though you may not know exactly who they were.

I would like to say that this is only my personal belief.
I know that there is a portion of truth in all religions but I think that many of those truths have become mixed with many lies that they are hard to discern. The more I learn, the more I believe in things unseen by the eyes of average men and women. And it is my belief that many of the folk tales and lore have some root in truth, a knowledge which is lost upon mankind, perhaps with good reason.

May the mind of those who seek knowledge of the unknown be open and may the Spirit of truth be their guide to discernment. Never think for a moment that you have the absolute truth of a thing, for knowledge is eternal; it is one of the things which shall not perish but remain with us even when we have passed out of this life. And life that is to come, we shall still have much to learn but a eternity to do it, that I knowledge may become perfect
7. December 30th 2009 @ 16:58. Anonymous Says:
Hello everyone. I have only recently come across this theory, but I feel like it explains so much.

I am 17 years old, but I am one of the most old-fashioned girls you will meet. I feel extremely in touch with ancient Rome, Medieval times, the Renaissance, the 19th century, and WWII. I have no idea why, but I feel as if it goes beyond an "interest". I feel connected to these things in ways that are almost strange. I am of 100% European descent (half Polish and the rest Italian - Romans?, French, English, German, & Danish).

I can hardly even write out how I feel because there are no words to describe these connections I have.. but I simply feel I am living in the wrong time and it hurts me emotionally because I feel like I have to pretend to be something I'm not to an extent to fit in... Has anyone else had to deal with this?
8. March 16th 2010 @ 02:01. Anonymous Says:
Yes, I believe in genetic memory. I grew up on the south side of Chicago and never fit in. When I started doing genealogy, I discovered I was all Celt. I'm half Scottish.

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