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The Ubi is a mini smart computer that does not need any keyboard and mouse to operate. It can easily interact with users via conversations. The computer looks like an electric plug and it can be plugs directly into a wall outlet, and...
Printing a hamburger would cost you $300,000. I am still not sure I would eat it... 3D Burger $300K Burger
6Se nsorLabs has designed a portable device that can detect level of gluten in a food. The device, called Canary, comes with a disposable unit that can be put in the food to taste. The pocket sized device will help those struggling with...
If you're looking to buy a new printer, the first question you'll be faced with is 'laser or inkjet'. A laser printer uses a cartridge filled with toner (a fine powder), static electricity and a laser to create all of your...
The all new Google dialer is in the app store, download yours to your smart phone today. Make local and long distant calls straight from your smart phone or tablet for free, international calls at a discounted rate.
Mine is those who find it necessary to yap on their mobile phones, continuoulsy, making a nuisance of themselves crossing roads, wheeling strollers, getting onto buses using them on quiet carriages and revealing all sorts of...
The latest gaming PC Area 51 from Alienware seems to have arrived straight from an alien planet. The hexagonal shaped gaming computer, called a Triad chassis, is 22 inch tall with easy access to USB ports and jacks. It can even be easily pulled...
The Stiga Studio Ping Pong Table has taken the sport to a whole new level. The hi-tech table tennis table comes with features different from conventional ping pong tables. It has 2,800 Watt sound system with eight 6 x 9 speakers, subwoofers,...