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WHAT WOULD YOU DO? - by Hope 1


July 18th 2007 02:08
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What would you do if you found out your father or mother had an entire family before yours? A friend of mine recently found out that her father had a family of 5 before he had the family of 5 she was part of. She was contacted by her unknown siblings and they now visit regualarly.

Myself, I am the product of two families coming together, but what if I got a call tomorrow by someone who said they were a son or daughter of one of my parents? I hope that I would be able to welcome them as family. However, I would be very shocked that neither of them thought to mention an entire family of children.

My friend said that her father never mentioned having a family before. She knew her mother was married previously, as she had children she brought into the marriage. I wonder how someone can walk away from their children, never to see them again. I knew her father for many years, and he didn't seem like the type to do that.

Then I thought, maybe his former wife walked away and he did not know where to find her and his children. He has been gone for many years now and I find it a shame that those children were not able to find him before he passed away.

I could speculate for hours, I guess I would be happy to find them and get to know them a bit. I know that I found out a few things about my father after he passed away, and I was devistated. He was my rock, and to find out these things put me into a depression that I had to work hard to get over.

What would you do in this situation? I'd like to know.
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Comment by life-stuff

July 18th 2007 12:00
What I find odd about this is what about the fathers parents? Unless they were gone before this second family. Could they go however many years without mentioning other grandchildren?

I'm not really close to my father, but love him and my step-family lots. I can't imagine having other siblings just...appear. There would be so many questions, and such confusion.

Good luck to your friend, it sounds like she's a great person.

Comment by Hope 1

July 19th 2007 14:34

I really don't know how they kept it a secret. I think the grandparents on the father's side had passed away as her parents were older when she and her brother were born.

Maybe she heard it when she was young and didn't remember it???? I really can't fathom living in the same house with my parents for years and not finding out something like that.

She is a great person and is recently getting over the heartbreak of her husband leaving her after 30 years together. She has found she is stronger than she thought.

Thanks for the input!

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