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Mars is a lot colder than the earth, right Sometimes a section of Mars along the equator of that planet might be warmer than a part of the earth by one of the earth's poles, but generally Mars is a lot colder than the earth. In fact, the average...
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Global Warming Faked, Fudged, or False They Made it All Up They don't care about the weather. It's all about your wallet. It's Marxist redistribution to to the stupid, ignorant, lazy, criminal, and the communist,
Just when you think the world is going to Hell in a hand basket because of all the pollution out there, a story like this comes along. Extinct or not. This kind of makes you think of the Coelacanth. Remember to take the hooks outta...
... walking along the beach after a storm can be a time of discovery... We walk along the beach most days. Not only is the exercise good for us but the sheer vastness of the ocean and the never ending beach is therapeutic, and every day is...
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Here' s the latest on a story that has been driving me crazy for over a week... Shark sushi Admittedly, (I prefer to say "wisely") I more or less ignored this story when it originally hit the Internet about a week ago. To summarize things,...
Growable Gowns can be grown just like vegetables. The eco-friendly gown is made from natural fungi and takes about a week to grow. The idea behind sustainable wedding gown is Erin Smith, a graduate from New York University. Erin uses...
Pay up now darn you!!! Obama has promised since 2008 to make electricity prices "necessarily skyrocket." In 2014 he will by presidential decree make it so!!! President Hussein may yet achieve his goals of destroying capitalism and...