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December 6th 2010 09:27
Folks, I'm here now:

Really Long Link

I may come back, but at the moment I'm pursuing the changes in Australia.

So join me to get a unique Australian Take on the world at large and also the life at the bottom of the 'Big Blue Marble'.

Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly, 'Tis the season to be jolly ...

WikiLeaks – Australian flavour!

December 6th 2010 08:43
WikiLeaks – Australian flavour!

I’m getting tired of chasing WikiLeaks as it succumbs to overwhelming DDoS and other stuff.
I want to read it, understand it and see if it affects me and my community. I also need to be sure that my Government is doing the best by me, looking after my interests; working for my country. In other words, being the Leader we elected them to be. Caretakers, decision makers with our interests at heart.
It seems I may be dreaming, I hope not. It’s what we all want for us.

I’m beginning to think our elected leaders go to the USA Casino and crap shoot. And the Croupier is – the USA Administration. The President doesn’t count, he or she is just standing with us and watching the reel spin and laying bets on red or black.

This is no way to run a world of billions of people. I know there isn’t much I can do, being a Little Old Lady in Far Western New South Wales … but wait, I have the Internet … I am not alone, so I did some finger tapping. Thought over my options carefully and signed into:


They’ve created mirror sites for WikiLeaks and I’ll use them, purely because I have a right to know. They're not just there for wikileaks, they're there for us as a community.

You have a right to know too.

R U really serious, Sweden?

December 4th 2010 11:30

Consual Sex in Sweden, so be careful

"Lifted quote from the above article from Crikey.com"

"Apparently having consensual sex in Sweden without a condom is punishable by a term of imprisonment of a minimum of two years for rape. That is the basis for a reinstitution of rape charges against WikiLeaks figurehead Julian Assange that is destined to make Sweden and its justice system the laughing stock of the world and dramatically damage its reputation as a model of modernity."

This is ridiculous. I'm not denigrating the charges the women have made, however, using or not using a condom can be a personal or religious preference. The current Pope has conceded to condom use in limiting the spread of AIDS related infections.

I thoroughly support the use of condoms to help in controlling diseases, especially the ones women contract from male partners. They aren't a solution, they're more of a 'bandaid'. They fail, their construction is suspect, and always has been.

Consensual sex happens frequently among long term partners who trust each other, and they may sometimes decide not to use condoms. It is their preference and a private one. Legislating for or against condom use, to me, smacks of interference and violation of basic human rights.

If I was a Swedish citizen and wished to produce a child with my partner, would I be breaking the law by not using a condom?

I believe Sweden, especially the Prosecutor, NY may need to rethink their condom law.



December 3rd 2010 10:41
I'm really stunned why Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is being pursued by Interpol. Maybe they can fill me in on the nitty-gritty, but I don't think they will.They're too scared they might have a 'whistle-blower' embedded.

I like whistle-blowers, sometime I don't like them much when they affect me. I guess we're all like me, in a way

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Wikileaks Shot Down!

December 3rd 2010 08:43
It seems the whistleblower site, Wikileaks, has been shot down in a spectacular denial of service, worldwide. British police expect to arrest Julian Assange, an Australian citizen, as early as tomorrow, according to news media reports.

Some countries, mainly the USA, are upset on the first few releases of cables from diplomatic sources worldwide, back to the US State department. From what I've read over the last few days, the cables are reasonably innocuous, contain little more than US diplomatic sneering, personal comments and a little sleeze about the people in power they were dealing with in many different countries

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Money, Money, Money ...

November 15th 2010 10:56
I Love Money

So do you. I love it for the way I can use it on a day to day basis, e.g buying food, paying the rent, mortgage. Buying frilly knickers for the boss

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Aren’t you the lucky ones, Australia?

November 15th 2010 10:07
If you’re a writer, like me, and you research the Internet, like me, I bet you’re wondering when those scammers who plagued, bleach and strip the USA writers, arrive here.
I give us another year or two of freedom, then they’ll be here.
We’re a small nation (population, 21 Million, give or take a few). We’re creative. Somebody is going to come here and milk the creative Australian cow

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Plagiarism isn't for you

November 15th 2010 08:32
It's so cute. I love this story. I want to keep this photo, this recipe, this story; these other bits and pieces. I'll save them, maybe put them on my blog later and show my friends.

This is Plagiarising another's work and it is THEFT
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So Australia is moving again

June 28th 2010 09:09
I've been watching with great interest our political manoeuverings in Canberra over the last week.

I'm not sure we're getting the whole gen on this. Julia Gillard (with help) gazumps Kevin Rudd in a late night takeover

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I'm not a Blogger!

July 5th 2009 05:50
I realise that I am not a blogger and know I never will be one. I'm happy about that because I realise what I am.

I'm a writer. I write short stories, articles and essays. I write historical fiction and humorous short stories, some of which have been scripted.

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Recent Comments

Comment by Elisabeth Fraser
on Wikileaks Another Fair Game Situation

December 6th 2010 09:14
I grew up in Malaysia and returned again to live for some years..

We don't always understand the way Asian countries operate. We rush, hurry, hurry. Most Asian countries don't. They're content to examine the problem from all sides.

Kevin Rudd, dear soul, is far too energetic to handle the role of Foreign Affairs, and he may never be.

He is unable to adjust his own agenda to other Nations needs because he runs on 'tramlines'. He is so focused on the end, he forgets the middle - which is often the hardest part in negotiations.

Kevin Rudd is focused on 'completion' not on 'concretion', making a deal stand for the benefit of the Australian community.

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Comment by Elisabeth Fraser
on Wikileaks Another Fair Game Situation

December 5th 2010 08:02
I'm with you on this. I'm also wondering if our various govts have put us so far into the US pocket, we may never get out.

Julian Assange/WikiLeaks is only the publisher of leaks, from whistleblowers, which come to Wikileaks and he isn't breaking any laws as far as I can find out.

The leaks are verified, sensitive names are redacted (XXXXX'd) and we get them much as they came to WL.

Have you read this new leak?

Hillary Clinton talks to Kevin Rudd about China

Kevin Rudd was our PM at the time.

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Comment by Elisabeth Fraser
on Wikileaks and Australia

December 4th 2010 11:47
Julian Assange, as an Australian citizen, is entitled to the support of our consulates overseas when in need. We all are. Australia prides itself in its worldwide care of its citizens.

Julia Gillard PM, with hasty and unwise statements in unqualified support of the US, has denied this Australian citizen of his right to his country's protection.

On a personal note, having read most of the leaks so far, I would like to state that these are just the 'calm before the storm' and the real leaks will come soon. The ones we really need to read and know about, like this one:

Who really caused the GFC?

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Comment by Elisabeth Fraser
on Wikileaks Update

December 4th 2010 03:30
Ian, here's a good place I just found:


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Comment by Elisabeth Fraser
on Wiki leaks on Corruption

December 3rd 2010 10:14
Replying again to this article, I am truly surprised at how many of my American friends are applauding Julian Assange's release of these files; bearing in mind we have only 279 out of some 400,000 available for release.

My main interest is the future release of the Bank (USA?) hard drive JA was given. Is this where we find out why we 'had-to-have-a-GFC' ??

Is this why he's being driven to hide?

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Comment by Elisabeth Fraser
on Wiki leaks on Corruption

December 3rd 2010 09:55
I went to the Guardian (UK) newspaper and the New York Times(USA), checking for information and a general concensus of opinion.

The Guardian is putting out the wikileaks as they come, with clear and good comment. Kudos to them.

New York Times surprised me greatly, the conscensus of their readers, mostly USA citizens, is greatly on the side of Wikileaks and the open dissemination of the material.

I think everyone is f******g tired of being mushrooms.

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Comment by Elisabeth Fraser
on Wikileaks Update

December 3rd 2010 09:48
I'm blogging about Wikileaks also. I've a list of mirror sites, most of them have been ceased. Though, I can email Julian and/or reps still.

It still works, though you get a warning

I think the USA aren't worried about the diplomatic leaks, so much - but I think they and most of the world are deadly scared about the information Julian Assange passed on some months back - that he had a hard drive from a Bank in the USA.

Everyone wants to find out why we had to have a GFC.

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Comment by Elisabeth Fraser
on Plagiarism

November 15th 2010 08:24

Oops! double posted! Sorry folks. Deleted it.

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Comment by Elisabeth Fraser
on Plagiarism

November 15th 2010 08:24
Plagiarism is theft. Shoplifting is theft.
There are extensive laws covering all forms of theft. Just because we're on the Internet doesn't mean laws are suspended.

Plagiarism is copying without consent of the original writer.

Most writers will, if asked, happily give consent for their article, short story, whatever, to be pushed further into the main stream of global internet circulation.

The difficulty in defining plagiarism lies in the fact that many online users believe that "Creative Commons" gives them the right to 'copy' for the purposes of private, educational use - one copy - only. What they don't realise that where this falls down, is that it is ONE copy only. One copy is not placing it on your Internet site. One copy is a single run off, downloaded to your printer.

Not all countries subscribe to 'Creative Commons', in total. Here in Australia, we have added many differentials to protect our writers. Many countries in the EU are closely watching our courts in Canberra, adopting our legislation and fine-tuning it to their country's needs.

Too many people are assuming the USA Internet rights are the ones they have to live by. They're wrong, ours in Australia are much better. Go look.


Really Long Link

I am a ferret, I crawl down holes seeking scams.


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Comment by Anonymous
on Who Owns the Copyright of my Orble posts

November 15th 2010 07:59
In the agreement with Orble did we sign over our copyright to Orble?

If not, then our copyright is ours. This needs clarification by the Orble Admin.

I'm a member of the Australian Copyright Council, anyone can join and get emails from them. Protect yourself with knowledge, especially of your rights as a writer of original content.

No one can take your rights unless you sign them away.

THINK, READ, before you click!

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