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On The Move AGAIN!!

April 15th 2013 02:12
pic by Doc Searles: Creative Commons

Following a complete makeover of the Joy website and servers, you can now find The Rainbow Report blog and podcasts on the Joy website, finally bringing all the programs web presences together in one location. Check it out here.

The problem I have with the government's retreat on anti-discrimination is simple: the remnant Sex Discrimination Bill is to be stretched to protect us. Good. No problem in principle. Thanks very much. (Not sure why we couldn't have a standalone LGBTI Rights & Protections Bill of our own, but I'll let that pass for now.) On the surface, a good idea. But . . . .

The people who are most eager to discriminate against us (and single mums, and atheists, and believers in other religions), will continue to have carte blanche to do so without penalty. They are set above the law, by the law. And that is, quite simply, wrong.

What is more, these people are paid public money - our taxes - to discriminate against any taxpayers they don't like. And who are the people, in general, they dislike most? Who do they wish to discriminate against the most? Us. Another wrong.

The proposal now on the table does not even acknowledge, let alone tackle, these wrongs. Instead, it entrenches them. So this is very far from being a 'major' or 'historic' step forward. It cements this officially-sanctioned discrimination into law. Forgive me if that leaves me less than enraptured.

So why have the government left the religious exemptions in place? They don't want to pick a fight with the religious trolls in their own party, like Joe de Bruyn, or in the Coalition, or in the Christian lobby.

They don't want to have to actually WORK to get this through parliament, consulting, cajoling, negotiating and arm-twisting. You know, like they've been doing over a piece of legislation they REALLY want, they're REALLY proud of, they're prepared to take risks for, because they BELIEVE in what they're doing - the media laws.

Yes, it's good that something, however little, has been offered for intersex and trans people. But as Rodney Croome says, this Act is so old and so riddled with religious exemptions that, with them still in place, it is almost meaningless. The least the government could possibly get away with doing, at absolutely no cost to themselves. A cheap, lazy, craven grovel to the Christian right, again.

Because those people REALLY matter to Labor. Unlike us.

Life on the outer

January 15th 2013 20:50
Just a reminder that this blog now resides at The Stirrer

The Stirrer

December 23rd 2012 04:46

Just a reminder: The Rainbow Report has moved and now has a new home at the stirrer

The Stirrer

November 21st 2012 05:51

In case you were wondering, I've opened a new site called the stirrer , where you can find all the pearls of wisdom I used to dispense here. I'd like to thank everyone at Orble for hosting me all these years, and I hope whoever takes this blog over from now on has as much fun with it as I have.

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Religion in Schools: the Rainbow Report

October 25th 2012 04:59
Why should we worry about religion in secular schools? Well, if you send your child for a secular education, and then find s/he’s being taught Scripture by a fundamentalist Christian, and worse, an amateur teacher, wouldn’t you be a bit mad? If s/he was only Instructed in one religion, instead of being taught by qualified teachers about many religions?

And if you’re gay, as I’m sure one or two of you are, how would you react if you found out that anti-bullying programs were not being put in place, or even removed, because they are alleged – by Christians and some right-wing journos – to be a way of turning children gay by stealth? Some people want any discussion of sexual diversity kept out of sex education classes for the same reason – it’s ‘teaching children homosexuality

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Rainbow Report Thursday Oct 11th 7pm

October 11th 2012 03:18
Well, we got off to a good start last week with with Big Data: but our man from the Federal Police wasn’t happy. He thought he’d just be talking to an ordinary radio show, apparently, and felt a bit ambushed by the presence of people who knew what they were talking about. Sorry about that.

However, this week we’re on safer ground. I think

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Rainbow Report Thursday Oct 4th 7pm

October 3rd 2012 03:58
Simon Hackett , the founder of Internode, and Neil Gaughan, National Manager, High Tech Crime Operations, Australian Federal Police, join the Rainbow Reporter to discuss Big Data and the threat to your privacy, with James Newburrie and Rob Mitchell, Thu Oct 4 @ 7pm AEST.

Rainbow Reporter Doug Pollard - that's me - is celebrating more than 10 years of reporting and campaigning. And coming back with a bang! After a 3 month holiday, the long-running GLBTI news and current affairs show, The Rainbow Report, returns to Joy 94.9, Australia's only full time gay and lesbian radio station 7pm Thursday October 4

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Freshly Doug on Tuesday

September 26th 2012 06:35

Freshly Doug on Monday

September 24th 2012 02:43
Veteran GLBTIQ  journalist and broadcaster Doug Pollard picks his stories of the day.

FRESHLY DOUG will shortly appear regularly in a new home - watch this site for details.

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Comment by Doug Pollard
on Rainbow Report Thursday Oct 4th 7pm

October 4th 2012 00:23
For more news, views, info on the show and other Rainbow Reporter activities, head on over to Really Long Link

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Comment by Doug Pollard
on Toddler Tantrums

September 23rd 2012 19:21
Here's a petition to remove Senator Fierravanti-Wells from her position of influence as shadow minister for mental health. The site explains why.

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Comment by Doug Pollard
on Educating dinosaurs

September 20th 2012 00:53
It's also pointed out to me that if the AFL need a model of how to embrace and celebrate diversity, Telstra, one of their major supporters can show them how.

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Comment by Doug Pollard
on Educating dinosaurs

September 19th 2012 23:08
Rob Mitchell has just pointed out to me another reason why a few PR stunts like a Rainbow Round will not be enough. What happens, he asks, if, encouraged by all the hoo-ha, some kid at a local footy club comes out, and is then bashed/shunned? Because footy failed to prepare the soil first?

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Comment by Doug Pollard
on Oh What A Feeling – Homophobia!

September 17th 2012 01:08
Maybe Toyota Australia needs to learn from Toyota America: Dec 2011 "Toyota is honored to be recognized by the HRC," said Jerome Miller, vice president, diversity and inclusion, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. "Diversity and inclusion are essential components of every aspect of our business. We believe building a work force that reflects the communities it serves is not only the right thing to do, but also gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace."
Businesses are rated on a scale from 0 to 100, based on their policies in support of LGBT people. These include anti-discrimination protections, domestic partner benefits, diversity training, transgender-inclusive benefits and external practices. Results from the CEI are published in the HRC's annual “Buying for Equality” guide, where consumers are encouraged to buy products and services from those companies that support the LGBT community.

“This validation of our deep commitment to diversity and inclusion means a great deal not only to us and our Associates, but also to our customers and the LGBT organizations we are privileged to support, including GLAAD, Out and Equal Workplace Advocates, Point Foundation, the Trevor Project and many more,” said Ann Bybee, vice president, corporate strategy, communications and corporate social responsibility, Toyota Financial Services. “Toyota looks forward to continuing to work with HRC in its efforts to support the LGBT community nationwide.”

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Comment by Doug Pollard
on A Big Man

September 10th 2012 05:43
All properly peer-reviewed studies of which I am aware show that homosexuality is part of the normal spectrum of human - in fact, to be strictly accurate, mammalian - sexuality, which runs from 100% homo to 100% hetero, with a relatively small number at either extreme and a 'hump' towards, but not at, the 100% hetero end.
But heterosexuals can't 'choose' to be homosexual and vice versa. Only bisexuals have that luxury. Fortunately the majority of humanity are a least a little bit bisexual in orientation, if not action. Sexual diversity is the norm: 100% 'monosexuality' is relatively uncommon, but all orientations are normal.
There is a relatively small range of studies, usually carried out by self-styled 'Christian' scientists, which do not adhere to the scientific method, instead reasoning from conclusion to data, and cherry-picking their data to fit. The parenting study by Regnerus proved, on close examination, to be one such, with conclusions unsupported by the data.
There is also a question-mark over the review process to which it was subjected, which seems to been less than rigorous and possibly corrupt.
Most of these 'studies' have been comprehensively exposed as wrong and even fraudulent: the best you could say is they are founded on wishful thinking. Paul Cameron is one name that comes to mind, likewise any of the propaganda emanating from bodies such as NARTH, Exodus, or any US organisation with 'Family' in it's name.
Sexual orientation cannot be changed, only suppressed, which is damaging, dangerous, and creates depression and leads to the danger of suicide. beyondblue commissioned extensive research on this point, which helped to change Jeff's mind.
The task of the compassionate humane counsellor is first to reconcile the client to their sexuality and then teach them how to glory in it.

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Comment by Doug Pollard
on Religion: the real health hazard

September 7th 2012 21:24
Here's another example of rigid 'Christianity' damaging people's health, this time poor women in Ethiopia suffering obstetric fistula Really Long Link , Really Long Link ,

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Comment by Doug Pollard
on Religion: the real health hazard

September 7th 2012 02:18
It's been pointed out that I left out female genital mutilation. I left out a lot. Maybe I should write a book!

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Comment by Doug Pollard
on On the other Hand

September 5th 2012 22:58
Re my original post: of course the whole NTH campaign wasn't rushed out in three weeks: what I should have said is that for the three weeks prior to the launch there was a mad rush to get the ads out ahead of beyondblue.

As Daniel from NTH told me:

"I've been involved for six months just on planning comms/media/social media and the TV ads had already been filmed at that point."

"If only we could have done that in three weeks!! Lordy me!"

Sorry folks, I stand corrected!

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Comment by Doug Pollard
on Dear Julia: A Christian Speech

August 15th 2012 22:11
Thanks Katyzzz, I suspect she will in fact say nothing of the kind, more like the exact opposite, in attempt to take votes from the Coalition. That said, you have to wonder why she bothers, when the ACL are representative of only a tiny minority of dominionist hardline extremist Christians - Christaliban, as I like to call them - repudiated by most of the mainstream churches in Oz.

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