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Doug Babysits

May 9th 2012 02:32
Doug looked at his new house. The world seemed perfect. He liked it being perfect. It was all neat and tidy, just as he had always wanted it. He had his house. His domain. His jungle. His Idaho. His boundary. His crop circle. However he wanted to announce it! The world was his!

"I love this room;" told Doug as he smiled.

Doug glared at his surroundings. He heard nothing but quiet. However a knock on the door broke his attention. Doug narrowed his eyes, and then he moved to the door. He opened it. Then he smiled at the female with tits that were so bulbous she had to be either a mother or a fake!

"Hey there;" Doug drawled to the peaks of breasts before he found a face a ruler's length above.

"Hi!" gasped the female as she smiled. "I ran out of breast powder, can you mind my kid while I go get some?" she asked in a tone that was high and soothing.

"Sure;" muttered Doug as he shook his head of the stars that circled around it.

"Great;" told the female before she smiled and picked up a carry basket.

Doug smiled at the gift, and then he nodded as the female gave him a list of hints that had to do with the child and how to stop her from crying.

"Got it;" Doug muttered as he took one more look at the females pair of breasts. "What is your name?" he asked.

"Amanda;" told the female before she watched as Doug placed the baby carefully onto the lounge. "I'll be ten minutes!" she gasped before she rushed out of the room.

"Okay;" muttered Doug before he closed the door.

Doug looked at the child. He shrugged. He knew the do's and don't's to look out for when a person had a child around. He just had to keep the world quiet, and the child would sit still. It wasn't a big deal. Doug shrugged and moved to cook breakfast. He wanted bacon and eggs! He moved to the kitchen and took out the ingredients. He then turned on the fry-pan and began to coo the food. The smoke wafted around the apartment, and it woke the sleeping baby. She screamed! Doug jumped! It sounded like a gremlin from the devil's den! Doug turned off his cooking, and then he moved to the child. The child screamed!

"Hey it's just bacon and eggs;" told Doug before he moved to child to the next room.

Doug picked up a glasses pillow and then he showed it to the kid. At first the child had her eyes closed and squinted and she was unable to see. However then she looked up and she saw the soft item - immediately she became confused over what she wanted to do - whine or play! Doug smiled as he sailed the pillow over the child's head, and then he grinned as he landed it onto the child's chest. The child began to pick it up in nimble fingers, and then it began to suck. Doug smiled, and then he moved away.

Doug closed the bedroom door, and then he moved back to the kitchen. He cooked his meal, and was about to eat, when there was a knock on the door! Amanda showed up. She was all hot and sweaty from her journey.

"It's been ten minutes already?" asked Doug. "Where did the time go?" he smiled.

"Where is she?" asked Amanda as she looked at the lounge and found the baby not there.

"She was being disturbed by the cooking so I put her in the bedroom;" muttered Doug as he glared at Amanda's breasts while she was distracted.

"Show me!" gasped Amanda worried.

Doug smiled and then he led Amanda to the bedroom. Inside was her daughter sound asleep. Amanda smiled, and then she glared at the pillow.

"What's the pillow doing there?" she asked.

"She was a noisy little beast, I needed to quieten her;" told Doug. "She had smelt the cooking and had gone haywire;"

"That's strange, I always cook around her;" told Amanda as she wrinkled her nose.

Doug smiled as he looked at Amanda's round rear as she bent over in order to inspect the baby. She then smiled and turned to Doug.

"She's in perfect health! Thanks for the tip!" she gasped.

"Any time;" told Doug as he smiled back.

"I hope I can repay you the favour somehow?" asked Amanda as she glared to Doug with eyes that were almost opal.

"I would like that;" told Doug as he nodded. "I would like that very much;" he added as he glared at Amanda's breasts one last time.

"What are you looking at?" asked Amanda as she furrowed her brows.

"I noticed that you are weaning your child?" asked Doug.

"Sure, but what's that got to do with looking at my breasts!" gasped Amanda.

"Well they look big and round;" told Doug as he smiled. "They are alluring;" he muttered.

"Well if I like the size of your crotch can I look at it?" asked Amanda as she stared back to Doug with open eyes.

"Sure;" told Doug. "Could be the start to a beautiful relationship;" he added.

"I am glad;" muttered Amanda. "I hope I can call on you to look after the kids any day;" she then smiled as she changed the subject.

"How many do you have?" asked Doug.

"Three;" told Amanda as she grinned.

"Sure;" told Doug before he coughed.

"You got a cough?" asked Amanda as she looked closely.

"Sure;" muttered Doug as he grinned a wry grin. "How about some breast milk to cure me?" he asked as he smiled a stiff smile.

"Sure;" told Amanda as she grinned. "If milk is what you need to nourish you after such and long and lengthy babysitting;" she muttered before she took out one of her bulbous peaks of breasts.

"You did that fast;" told Doug as he stood still.

"I know!" gasped Amanda as she smiled. "I've been weaning my baby! What do you think? I wouldn't mind some action;" she grinned.

"Okay;" muttered Doug before he moved to Amanda. "How do you do it, just lean down and suck on it?" he asked.

"You don't know?" asked Amanda.

"Well unless you are laying down, I'm not a baby curled in your arms;" told Doug.

"You are fresh!" gasped Amanda as she smiled. "If I lay down your are going to want to do more then just test breast milk;"

"I will, but I can swear I'll only be tasting the milk;" told Doug as he grinned.

"I know;" told Amanda before she smiled and then turned her back.

Amanda moved to the bed and she laid down. She then smiled as she took two breasts out of her clothing. She waited. Doug smiled and moved to her. He slipped onto the bed, and then he smiled. He rubbed one of the nipples a little until the magic cream began to seep. Then he cleared his throat and put his mouth to the nipple. He began to suck. He sucked down its nutrients in order to get himself fed. He was a bit lousy, but once he realised how the milk came out he began to grow good at it. Amanda laughed as she felt his mouth working in order to get the milk out of her nipples. After a while it felt like heaven. She had been growing too heavy, and it felt good to drain her tits of the milk they stored. Amanda smiled as she sighed. She sweated a little as she felt some euphoria, She liked Adam's mouth, and the way his lips pressed against her flesh. She liked the soft affection as he suckled on her breast. It made her want to grow emotional, she called it love. She felt her heart hiccup and she knew she was falling in love. She petted Adam's hair and then she began to melt. He tenderly began to stroke her other breast until it grew all milky at the top, then he moved his mouth to the other nipple in order to tease its flesh in-between his teeth, and suck its nipple peak dry. Amanda smiled as she continued to rub his hair. It was all loving, and she felt light and sunny as she continued to make her milk his breakfast.

Amanda smiled as Doug walked with her to the door. She had had her body cleansed, and she felt less of a headache on her brow. She felt good. So did Doug. Doug smiled as he opened the door.

"So I will see you another day;" told Amanda as she blushed.

"Any time;" told Doug. "Even at midnight;" he added.

"Thanks;" smiled Amanda as she waved. "I'm sure I'll use the help;" she added.

"I am sure I'll use the milk;" told Doug.

Amanda grinned and then she left. She felt like a school kid as she carried her child home with red blush all over her face and chest. She hadn't felt so lovely for a very long time. It made her feel like she had fallen in love.


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