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Moving on

April 22nd 2011 12:06
So I've decided to shuffle this blog on over to Wordpress. You'll be able to find it here.

It's gonna take me quite a while to move all my posts over, but when I do start putting new posts up they'll be over there

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An observant reader may have noticed that this is my first post in quite a while. You may be intrigued to know that during my last few months of radio silence a whole lot of stuff has affected, left or entered my life in one way or another. In case you’re interested, I’ve put together a list of some important developments, and the foods that punctuate them for me.

Pear and Vanilla Muffins and Engagement
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Inspiring Ethical Food (and Writers)

December 2nd 2010 21:11
I’ve been getting inspired lately. I’ve spent a lot of time reading food blogs, eating food, and thinking about things. And so I thought I’d share a few of the changes and ideas that have struck me lately. Thing’s I’d like to incorporate into my life and my food.

Eating locally
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An ‘Auberge Espagnole’ - The Lowdown

November 30th 2010 19:39
“What is an auberge espagnole?” is a question you may ask. “What do Spanish hostels have to do with food?” is a question you may ask if you’re handy with Google translate. Well never fear, I’m here to answer at least one of those questions for you!

Let me tell you

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Cooking: Kid-Style

November 25th 2010 21:46
I like cooking with kids. Love it in fact. Not only do I get the chance to hang out with some kids, but they are a great excuse to really have fun with it. Cooking that is.

She knows what she's doing

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I dream of jam making

November 23rd 2010 15:38
I love to have a good project underway. But almost as much as having one going, I really like to have a project floating around in the future, like a dream. A nice dream. The kind of dream where everything is tinged the subtlest shade of mauve. The kind of dream you have when you fall asleep listening to Prince. And right now, amongst many, many other things, I dream of jam making.

French Jams - Apricot and Rhubarb
I've made lemon butter before, but I've never gone so far as to make jam.

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Food Got You Down?

November 18th 2010 18:03
For the last while I felt down, not up, un-perky, demotivated, grumpy, tired, sore, and just overall icky. I thought grumpy thoughts, spouted tired greetings and did unmotivated work. I stopped posting on this blog. I sat around eating couscous with jam and chocolates and pasta and I wondered why I was feeling so lacklustre.

A balanced diet

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Lettuce Change

November 4th 2010 20:49
Change is a funny thing. You can see it in every part of your life, right down to the foods you eat. Long gone are the days when the list of foods I don’t like included cream, butter, zucchinis and anything less than well-done meat. And many of my staple meals now can be traced back to a particular time where something changed. And I think I’ve come across a new little change for my diet in the form of mâche.

mâche or lamb's lettuce

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Australian Food?

November 2nd 2010 17:55
Travelling around here in Europe, where every country has hundreds and even thousands of years of firm history and identity under their belts, I find it very odd when someone asks me what food is Australian food. I never can put my finger on one particular dish that is just Australian.


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The fourth meal of the day

October 25th 2010 21:10
Do you ever sit up past your bedtime? Every feel like, for one reason or another, it's now hours past when you would normally go to sleep and you're not really used to this time of night/day? Ever have that happen when you weren't really expecting it? Ever start to get hungry?

Each day we space our meals roughly the same distance apart, or at least I do. and each day we go to bed not more than a couple of hours after dinner, or at least that's what happens for me. And when that odd night comes along and I have my dinner and settle down, but don't actually manage to make it to the land of nod, I find that, after the amount of time I usually allot between meals, I get hungry again

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