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I am not really sure why my dating profiles aren't getting any hits. Anyway, must keep trying. This time I am going to be a Brony. Google it, if you don't know what that is. This time the admins approved my profile pictures Here are some of the...
.....I literally just found out about this like five seconds ago... So.....I guess while I'm still here, I say we have a moment of silence and peace. (Sobs) Why is it only the good celebrities are dying......(
Humour for friday by huttriverofnz A man goes to see the Rabbi. Rabbi, something terrible is happening and I have to talk to you about it. The Rabbi asked, Whats wrong The man replied, My wife is poisoning me. The Rabbi, very...
A lady goes to the doctor and complains her husband is losing interest in sex. He gives her a pill but warns her that it's still experimental. He tells her to slip it in his mashed potatoes at dinner. At dinner that night, she does just...
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