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November 30th 2008 14:15

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Tell me...

If you like someone yet love another..

Would you force yourself to believe you never liked her?

Or doubt that love for the other?

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There are things we lie about, cheat, deceit and duplicity
a lie told a thousand times will even confuse the liar,
we change things to how we want them, to flee from resentment

There is nothing more truthful than what you feel in that very second
regardless of the disgust
you can't perish the idea,
because in that moment you knew
that feeling,
was everything that's real

Start of Something Bitter

July 13th 2008 02:19
Start of Something Bitter

There’s always that someone you want
that can never be yours
And it offers nothing but a false impression
we deem ourselves into loving someone too much
But everyone needs to learn,
the pain of when to let go.

A friend called me by the phone after the working hours saying he’d appreciate much if I’d have coffee with him and basically just for company. Seeming I have nothing intended for the whole evening I said why not. And among our many conversations as we let the coffee sink in, he sighed and said “in every guy’s life there’s always that rare girl that got away”.

As I walked home at around 3am. Nostalgic, thinking of what he said. I know without doubt,
he was right.


June 30th 2008 00:01
Here in this blog, i offer you residence to a kind of existence that revolves on a character's mind. My articles will not quench your thirst for humor, or entertainment nor appease a portion of whatever you lack. In this blog i will write from something to anything that i see fit but this i will assure you that the minutes you provide reading is worth the give.

All this will start for one purpose only, the simple wish of a liar to posts his truth and of this birth, i will commence.. Welcome to my version of concepts.


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