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Raw Dog Food Diet - Is it beneficial?

January 27th 2012 22:17
With the uprising popularity of vegetarian, vegan and raw diets, many people have started to feed their dogs in a similar way. Many people say they see absolutely positive effects, but one should be cautious before leaping into a new diet for your dog. Take some time to educate yourself. You may find it best to incorporate some raw foods into your dogs diet (many canned foods have unhealthy ingredients in them that are not doing your dog any help). Learn more about a Raw Food Diet for you Dog and get a Free Holistic Dog Treat eBook.

With any food you feed to your dog, you must show extreme caution. While I don’t believe it is necessary to have your dog on a 100% raw (vegan) diet, I believe it is beneficial to consider making some meals from scratch for you dog, as opposed to using only canned food.

"Replacing your dog’s conventional canned food/dog pallets is one of the most effective ways to prolong your dog’s life. Much as we wish that our dogs could live as long as we do, they have a much shorter life span than human beings. But what we can do is to lengthen their canine years, as well as add quality to them.
Take a look at all packaged dog foods, canned foods, treats, supplements & even vitamins. Almost always there is some dubious chemical element inside – chloride, sulphate, oxide etc. If I can’t put these in my mouth, I don’t want them in my doggy’s mouth too.
- From Raw Food Lifestyles

Kevin Gianni of the Renegade Health Show gives his opinion on feeding your dog and cat a raw vegan diet: Really Long Link (Starts at 2:50)

To summarize, he basically says that cats need to have meat in their diet, but that dog’s are a little more flexible. He suggests keeping some meat in your dog’s diet.

Quotes from David A. Dzanis, D.V.M., Ph.D., DACVN on

“One must consider the normal anatomy and physiology of the dog and cat. Both species are in the scientific order Carnivora ("meat- eaters"), although today the domestic dog is considered more as an "omnivore" (animals that eat both animals and plants). Still, just by comparing the dentition of dogs and cats with that of humans and herbivores (plant-eaters, such as cattle and horses), it is readily apparent that their teeth are designed by nature for eating a diet largely comprised of animal tissue. Their short intestinal tracts compared to humans and especially to animals like sheep or horses also indicate that they are not designed to accommodate diets containing large amounts of plant materials.”

“A vegetarian diet with some animal-source ingredients is more likely to meet the needs of the pet, especially for the cat, than a completely vegan diet.”

All About Raw Food with Dr. Larry Siegler :

Raw food diets have been shown to help the body deal with many common ailments such as flea infestations, hot spots, continual shedding, poor dental & gum health, allergies, gastro-intestinal problems such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, immune disorders and degenerative diseases. Diet is the foundation of health. The fresher the diet, the more nutrients are available for the animal's system to utilize in building immunity, healing from illness and warding off disease.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When feeding your dog foods, please make sure you are awake of what foods are toxic and even fatal to dogs.

For information on what foods you should avoid as well as what vitamins and mineral and nutrients they need, take a look at Delicious Dog Diet.

Healthy Vegan Salads

January 27th 2012 20:54
Salads are a great thing to incorporate into your diet. They can be very filling yet low in unhealthy fats. Salads don't have to be a dull and lifeless side dish to a meal - make them the whole meal! There are so many things to add into salads. Take a look at the selection below. It's a great habit to add salad into your daily meals, or at least a few times a week.

Learn the 7 Secrets for Easy & Permanent Weightloss

* Spicy Salad with Avocado and Figs

* Curry Carrot Slaw

* Lemon Kale Salad

Lemon Kale Salad

* Cheesy Dill Potato Salad

* Mango Salad with Thai Dressing

* Kelp Kale Salad

* Chickpea Veggie Coleslaw

Chickpea Coleslaw

* * EASY Raw Vegan Salads & Dressings

* Seafoody "Tuna" Spread

* Broccoli "Bacon" Salad

* Raw Spicy Cabbage Avocado Salad

Cabbage Avocado Salad

* Tempeh Salad with Creamy Dressing

* Raw Sweet Potato and Greens Slaw

* Tomato, Artichoke and Chard Salad

*Raw Corn Salad with Cumin Lime Dressing

Recipes for Green Smoothies & Juices

January 27th 2012 16:21
Green Smoothies and Juices are a great way to start one's morning. They are packed full of vitamins and minerals and will keep you energized and full until the next time you eat. Adding a banana (try freezing your bananas before you add them in!) can really add thickness and will keep you full longer.

If you are wondering what the different between Smoothies and Juices are: Smoothies are fruits and vegetables that are blended together without any extraction of the pulp. Juices are when you place fruits and vegetables into a juicer, which separates the juice from the pulp, so you are left with a smooth-tasting drink. Smoothies are usually thicker.

More info about Green Smoothies & Juices.

Take a look at the following recipes and find ones that peak your interest. If you are interested in 100% raw smoothies and juices, take a look at the link below:

recipes for green smoothies
Healthy Smoothies

107 Raw Smoothies, Nut Milks, Shakes, Juices, Elixirs & More



***What to add into your smoothie

* Classic Green Monster
* Peppermint Patty Green Monster
* 12 Great Tasting Green Smoothie Recipes
* Raw Green Smoothie Recipes
* Papaya Spinach Smoothie

Recipes for Green Smoothies


* Energy-Boosting Green Juice
* 4 Green Juice Recipes
* 7 Cleansing Green Juice Recipes
* Gorgeous Green Juice Tonic


If you have never tried Spaghetti Squash yet, then you definitely should! When cooked, you can scoop out the inside of the squash and long stringy pasta-like noodles will come out. It's a fantastic wheat pasta alternative, and it tastes oh so good.

* 1/2 cup of Spaghetti squash has approximately 25 calories
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Vegan Burger Recipes and Patties

January 26th 2012 17:15
Who says you have to give up the delicious taste of a burger once you go vegan or want to make some vegan meals for family and friends?

I have compiled a list of vegan burger recipes made from tons of different ingredients, so you should be able to find at least one you like

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Veggie Pâté Recipes

January 26th 2012 16:07
Traditionally, pate is made of ground up meat that is made into a type of paste and used to spread on bread or crackers.

Luckily, there are many ways to make flavourful delicious pates using only vegan ingredients. Some things you can make pate out of are mushrooms, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sweet potato, onions, chickpeas and more.
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Best Non-Dairy Milks

January 26th 2012 04:27
Whether you are lactose-intolerent or Vegan or just want to try out different kinds of milk, which probably have less calories and sugar than dairy milk, then check out this post. I have listed some of the dairy milk alternatives that are out there. Some can even be left in the pantry (when unopened) for months, so if you see any on sale, you can snag a bunch and not have to worry about them going bad.


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