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What the Olympics have taught me...

August 18th 2008 07:49
The Olympics have taught me one thing this week: my ex-girlfriend owes me an apology.

As of 5.00pm this arvo, Australia has won 11 gold medals. Now, in case you have forgotten, gold medals are the currency of our nationality. It’s the only thing that distinguishes us from New Zealand. And Greenland.

And the thing that distinguishes us from the rest of the world is that all of our 11 gold medals have been won on the water. Swimmers galore, and rowers, and sailors. Sure, we picked up gold in the women’s triathlon (courtesy of Emma Snowsill), but a third of that race is on water, so my stats are water tight. Bad joke, I know, but it’s my blog.

Perusing through the silver medals again demonstrates our love of all things aquatic. Every single one of them are water-based medals, with the possible exception of a curious event we apparently won medals in called “eventing.” Buggered if I’d know what that is either. (As an after-note: even my Microsoft spell-check doesn’t recognise the word “eventing”).

And as for bronze, well, everyone has got a bronze medal these days haven’t they, so there’s no point looking through that list.

The other interesting thing to note is that 8 out of our 11 golds have been won by females. So while us blokes spend our spare time chasing cricket balls and kicking leather around the nation’s footy fields (or more precisely – sitting back and watching others do it), the women have been working out in the water.

Ironic really isn’t it? Statistics don’t lie. I have been telling my now-ex-girlfriend for years that her place is exactly there – in the water. Whether she is doing the dishes, or cleaning my clothes, she rightfully belongs in the kitchen and the laundry. She left me a while ago now, ranting on about me being a “sexist pig” or some bloody thing, and yet I was right all along.

And do you think I will get an apology?

Not likely.

Remember to stay alert – not alarmed,

and chow4now.


The ten best ever Rock intro's

July 28th 2008 03:26
This is a list, in no particular order, of rock tracks that demand you to pull out your air guitar or sit down at your air drum kit right from the opening note. Or beat. Or scream. These are the songs that need to be played if you’re leaving for work in four minutes and can’t bare the thought of walking out the front door, or if you want to go and burn off those Tim Tams and simply cannot haul your big backside out of bed.

The rules for assessing the ten best ever rock intro's…

1) Can only be 10 songs. Any more and no-one would be bothered reading it.
2) Can only be 10 songs. Any more and I can’t be bothered writing it.
3) Must be made up of half Australian acts and half not.
4) Must be made up of half live stuff and half studio stuff.
5) As it turns out, the live stuff must be made up of stuff I have seen live. Coincidentally, as it turns out.
6) I must be able to find a suitable You Tube clip of my selected top ten rock intro.
7) Can not have more than seven (7) rules in assessing the top 10 intros.

And before I continue: the irony of it all…I know rock n’ roll is supposed to be all about freedom of expression, breaking the rules and basically “sticking it to the man,” (Jack Black told me). And so trying to create a rock n’ roll list, and give it some rules and prerequisites appears to fly entirely in the face of what rock, according to legend, is all about. Enjoy that thought as long as you like, but I’ve gotta get going and start playing some tunes.

(In booming announcer’s voice)

“And so…without further ado, in conjunction with Funky and The Jazzman productions, give it up for the biggest, baddest, bestest rock intros of oorrrrrrrrrlllllll Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmme!”

Kicking off the studio stuff with two giants of the hair-band era, I'm talking Motley Crue and Guns n’ Roses.

Kick Start My Heart gives nothing less than that heart-pounding vibe of being trackside at a Formula One Grand Prix. A massive adrenalin surge that is required before any car race or before you have to clean the skid marks off your share-house toilet. No I’ve never been to a car race.

You Could Be Mine takes me back to the days where The Digger and myself used to drive up to Blackbutt Reserve to do some cross country running. Playing the start of this song in the car before you go for a run is almost exactly the same as injecting cow’s blood into your thighs before playing a game of footy. Ooh yeah!

The next selection needs no real introduction or description. Just press play on the vid here…

Got it? Good.

And now, please welcome to the microphones, a couple of top Aussie studio-recorded rock n’ rollers. Firstly I’d like to introduce The Divinyls who take great delight in sticking it to the man with their track Hey Little Boy. The drums, the guitar – this intro lets you know what you’re in for…

And next we have the mighty Spiderbait. Who in the world (of Australia) didn’t pull their air guitar out for this one?!!

Feeling pumped? Good, because in the words of immortal rocker Mark Gasnier, it’s time to ‘fire up bitch’ and face up to the top 5 LIVE!

I’ll kick-off with a classic rock intro, a little bit of guitar solo that is instantly recognisable right around the world. Did somebody just whisper the word “iconic”? Why not?!!

Sticking with the Aussie theme for the moment, the lads from The Living End are back from their internal squabbles and self-loathing to release a new album. Whatever happens with this album or in future, there can be no denying that with Prisoner of Society, they came up with one of the all-time greatest Oz rock songs. Have a look at this live version – what a way to intro a song and fire up a crowd.

Moving to a couple of bands from abroad now and onto the first live big gig I ever saw. In fact (in showing my age) I had to leave a HSC exam early to catch a train down to Sydney to see these guys. The result? Thanks to Dire Straits for putting on was is still one of the maddest concerts I have ever seen, and (as I’m sure you were wondering) I scored my highest mark in this particular HSC exam! God bless General Studies. And the power of rock.

Having seen U2 twice in Sydney, (and, from what I’m told, shrewdly deciding to not fork out the big bucks to see them last time they toured), I consider myself a bit of a fan. This song was always the biggest of them all for me. In fact, I’ve been calling it my ‘funeral song’ for a long while now, so for those in the know, there’s no surprises that this song makes the cut. This particular clip comes live from Slane Castle in Ireland (I think). The power and the beauty of Where the Streets Have No Name…

And finally, saving my personal favourite till last…

Classic Australian rock to me is all about the Oils. They got me through my high school years and watched over me in the years thereafter. This particular clip, of The Dead Heart, is not an out and out rock intro like most of the others here, but I find it does the same thing: it gets the chest pounding and the soul stirring. If you can’t be bothered watching any of the other You Tube clips, have a quick click on this and tell me you don’t feel - something!

Remember: stay alert – not alarmed, and chow4now.


Once upon a time a young man by the name of Matty Allen (The Digger) sat down with a microphone, a Marantz, and me and started chatting about his reservations regarding the recently released movie Superman Returns.

I then edited a three minute conversation down to a 30 second promo, thinking; “what the hey, I can use this for a uni assignment!” And so it came to be.

Which brings us to the here and now...

In order to share audio, via the good people at Orble, you have to convert the audio file into video, and in order to do that…BuddaBam! – You Tube.

And so dear reader turned listener, I would like to present to you – via the good copyright-free pictures of Wiki, and via the “Windows Movie Maker” program I’ve had jammed on my computer for the past four years but only discovered last week – a special audio slide show presentation of The Digger, mixing it with Funky. And Superman.

Ps – no comments about the slide show thing – it’s all about the audio!


In fact: Oils is Oils

July 14th 2008 14:36
Who wants to read something quick yet funny and educational all at the same time?

I read this in the Sydney Sun Herald the other morning. Now, for anyone who is a keen dieter, who has to lose a few pounds, you should really pay attention

[ Click here to read more ]

We at F & TJ & TD Beverages are proud to announce the upcoming release of our brand new product – Blokeanol.

A beverage so strong it’ll make Truman Capote sound like Darth Vader, and so tough it’ll make Ernie sound like Arnie

[ Click here to read more ]

WOLF & CUB live!

June 27th 2008 00:57
Wolf & Cub
The Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Thursday 26th June 26, 2008

[ Click here to read more ]

Party on Australia!

June 24th 2008 03:57
According to Melissa Jenkins on, “Australians are fatter, drunker and have more sexually transmitted diseases than ever before.” ("Australians 'fatter, drinking more'" Tues, June 24 2008)

Clearly we Aussies know how to have a good time. The most encouraging thing about the above statement is that while we are getting fatter, we are still getting laid, meaning no one could ever accuse us of being snobbish (like the Poms), weak (like the French), self-obsessed (like the Italians) or into animals (insert your own simile here

[ Click here to read more ]

Rugby League's Hottest 100

April 17th 2008 19:29
Tonight, rugby league named its ‘Team of The Century.’ It is of course made up of League’s immortals and a host of champions from across the decades filling the gaps.

I would firstly like to congratulate each and every individual who has made it to the Rugby League Hottest 100 CD. Nice work – great to be voted as Australia’s favourite

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Is it just me?

April 9th 2008 04:55
It’s been eight weeks since I earned a dollar, and my savings account is starting to run dry. I retired from my last job and moved to Sydney, keen to try the big city life. Everything was going great for a while too.

In terms of home entertainment, my new flat mates own a combined total of about 26,800 DVDs, 11,000 books and a Boonie doll, so that side of life is more than covered. There are free tennis courts and some cricket nets down the road, so my sporting needs are taken care of without spending a cent. Unfortunately, two of life’s most important vices, rent and beer, are taking their toll and I find myself in the position of needing to work and earn some money once again

[ Click here to read more ]

Who would you love to be? Haven’t we all watched a film and thought ‘wow, if only I could do that, or say that to the boss, or get her phone number, then how good would life be?’

With our radio show being called I’ve got a bad feeling about this, it’s evident enough that we are film fans. As The Jazzman often mumbles earnestly, “everything I’ve ever learnt in life has come from films

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Recent Comments

Comment by ChrisC
on Welcome to LeagueBot

August 19th 2008 14:42
Gday mate - love watching the footy so I'll keep an eye out for your blog.
Hope you realise that if you put up a top 10 list, it is open to debate!!!
And I love a debate so I'll start...Nathan Merritt as a world cup bolter? hahahahahahahahaa
you are kidding! He's got as much chance as Michael Ennis has of ousting Smith, Buderus and Farah for the hooker's - none!

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Comment by ChrisC
on He Is Legend

August 18th 2008 06:47
Charles has got the whip out, he's all over me too!

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Comment by ChrisC
on I Don’t Care About The Olympics (who’s with me?)

August 11th 2008 14:55
Hi Ruby,

Every country censors the internet - I think it's very important.

And ps...Don't worry folks, in two weeks time your TV's will all return to normal programming so you can all resume your lives, and jump off China and onto the next bandwagon that the Western media tells you to.

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Comment by ChrisC
on The Dark Knight is the best movie EVER

August 6th 2008 01:02
It was good, Heath was tops, but it was 30 minutes too long! It didnt need to ramble that long to get its point across.

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Comment by ChrisC
on Awesome Dudes Awesome Chicken Alfredo

August 5th 2008 13:22
Keep practising that coin trick mate!

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Comment by ChrisC
on The ten best ever Rock intro's

August 1st 2008 00:22
Hi there D Armenta,
Sorry about that, I had one foot in bed when I wrote that last night and completely forgot to mention your link specifically. I really appreciated the effort, what better way to respond to a blog full of you tube vids than with a you tube vid!
Now, Blues Brothers = top stuff. Great film, great music. Hell, contrary to popular opinion, i even loved Blues Brothers 2000! However, the link you sent as an intro to a rock way! hahaha Semi-formulaic blues doesnt cut the mustard on this one!
But cheers for your ideas and i cant wait to read your blog on the matter (can you let me know when you write it)?

Delete ] [ Ignore ]

Comment by ChrisC
on The ten best ever Rock intro's

July 31st 2008 10:46
Hi Morgan and D Armenta - ta for having a read and for throwing your two cents worth in.
Anne - there's some heavy stuff there girl!
And James - yup tough gig picking 10...

I'm sitting here listening to Triple J and right at this moment "Killing in the Name" by Rage Against The Machine comes on. Another memorable intro to a song!

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Comment by ChrisC
on orange juice and toothpaste . . . bad combination!

July 29th 2008 14:56
Toothpaste and beer is another fun combo. hey, maybe that's why you should never have a drink straight after breakfast!
and just "Chris" is fine!

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Comment by ChrisC
on orange juice and toothpaste . . . bad combination!

July 29th 2008 14:40
Say what?
People clean their teeth BEFORE breakfast?!!
I always thought you ate, then cleaned the food off your teeth after the eating thing.
Man, my parents have a lot of explaining to do...

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Comment by ChrisC
on DJ Dapto's Rant of the Week

July 29th 2008 14:08
The thing about all team members being credited with individual medals on the medal count is that even the pack of swimmers call themselves the "swimteam". so when grant hackett wins a gold in the 1500 metres, does that mean australia gets to rack up 146 gold medals, one for each team member?
- and personally i say "yes we should!"
and yep id love to see a javelin catch!

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