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Bobbi Kristina Brown in a coma As we know Ms. Whitney Houston died shortly after Michael Jackson had passed away just three years time separated their deaths. And so, when Ms. Whitney died it seemed as if fate, the Universe, somebody, was...
Mike Huckabee is running the risk of making himself look like a serious hypocrite. The 2016 "presidential hopeful" has been campaigning against Beyonce for approximately a week now.
According to online news outlets, Beyonce is pregnant again. The thing is, if you go by the stories online, Beyonce has been pregnant with her second child for at least a year.
There's something about Chris Brown and violence . . . Chris Brown assaults Rihanna, 2009 I still remember how shocked I was when I saw that picture of Rihanna' s battered face. I just sat there staring at the picture., unable to...
Russell Brand Revolutionary, Prophet, and Prettyboy Author Paul Austin Murphy Source American Thinker - 12.13.2014 The thing is, it doesnt really matter what Russell Brand says about politics or about anything else. As with pop...
Was Nehru descended from Maharashtrian Brahmins A few months ago a retired professor who used to teach in the Shia College in Lucknow passed away but before he died Pandit B N Sharga stirred up a controversy by making a statement and giving an...