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Cafe Meeting

May 10th 2012 03:31
Yale looked at the time. His girlfriend was late for lunch. He was in the right booth in the right cafe, but she was still not around! Yale sighed. He wondered what had kept her. He could only imagine. Perhaps a joy-ride with hot college guy Drake Charles. Yale scoffed! The named was even backward!

"I hate it when people don't show up!" he charged as he began to stir his soda cup.

Yale glared at his cup. He felt worthless. Like the ice on the bottom that was waiting to melt. He was like that ice, he was waiting to melt. It made him feel depressed. It made him feel off. He wanted to go for a walk.

"Excuse me;" muttered a voice to the right.

Yale looked across and saw a nice woman with almond eyes. She looked to him and smiled a charming smile. Yale grinned. He tried not to blush but he was sure the peach showed. She was more then a moderately attractive woman. Okay she was hot! One look and he was fuming! He crossed his fingers as he cleared his throat.

"Yes?" he asked as he hoped she didn't try to pick him up.

"Do you mind if I sit at this booth? I have a baby that needs to be cushioned!" the woman gasped.

Yale looked at the long chair of the booth. He shrugged, and the let the sparks fly to his eyes.

"Sure;" he muttered as he sunk a pitch black spot that told him he was allowed to entertain since his girlfriend had abandoned him.

"Thank-you!" gasped the female named Beverley.

Yale watched as the female pulled up a pram. She took the baby out of the pram and sat with her. The baby thought about whining, however the female promptly took out her breast and began to feed the child. Yale shivered! He knew it was wrong to look so thoroughly at the feeding, however he found it quite exciting. The nipple on Beverley's breast was huge, he could see the coloured rim even with the child's face pushed against it! Yale sweated, and then he clasped his hands. He wasn't sure what to do or say. He didn't expect her to feed the child - just to lay it down and keep it resting as she ate a sandwich for energy.

"It's lucky it's dark here;" muttered Yale as he glared at the female and began to grow interested in how the breast-milk might taste.

"I know!" gasped the female as she turned her head. "I wasn't sure if this place allowed it, so I thought I'd do it quietly;" she muttered as she continued to feed the child with only a little worry on her brow.

"Would you like me to pick you up an order?" asked Yale as he used two thoughts in order to try and get his mind off the breast.

"Sure a sandwich - ham, egg, and cheese;" smiled the female as she looked to Yale.

"I'll be back;" told Yale before he moved to the counter to order the meal.

Yale waited at the counter. He smiled to himself. He could only think about Beverley's breasts. They were super! He wanted to lick them all over with his tongue. He wanted to use his nimble fingers in order to tweak their tits. He wanted to do so much! It made him feel fevered. He laughed as he wiped the sweat off his brow, and then he blushed.

"I am a school boy again;" he muttered as he began to dream about kissing them quietly. "I am hungry!" he gasped as he began to look at the menu. "Can I order a hot-dog with the lot?" he asked.

"Sure!" remarked the waitress who smiled, and then began to write down the order.

Yale smiled. He couldn't wait to return with the food!

Beverley smiled as she watched Yale as he brought over a tray of food. A hot dog, a sandwich, two coffees, and one iced-tea. Beverley glared at the hot-dog and pulled it towards her.

"Yum, just what I wanted!" she remarked before she began to eat.

Yale glared at Beverley as she ate the hot dog. She did it with one hand and it proved to be only a little difficult. He smiled. Then he drew the sandwich to him and began to lift it up to his mouth. He didn't mind the switch, but behind his mind he knew he would rather have had the hot dog!

Beverley smiled as she began to struggle. The hot dog began to tip. It would have proven to have been a 911 for the rest of the hot dog roll, however Yale caught the item and held it up. He smiled to Beverley who looked his way. She grinned behind her eyes, and then she began to munch! It tired Yale's muscle to hold his arm up for the eight minutes it took for Beverley to eat the hot dog, however it was worth it. He had a cleavage view which was to die for!

"Thanks!" gasped Beverley as she took the end out from Yale's fingers and ate the last of it. "I really enjoyed that;" she muttered.

"Me too;" told Yale as he smiled and then took his arm down.

It was a little stiff, but he didn't want Beverley to know that. He simply pushed the coffee towards him and began to drink. It was only lightly warm, and he began to grow a little sour. He should have ordered hot chocolate, then he could have called it nice!

"So what's your name?" asked Beverley as she dragged the iced-tea towards her.

"Yale;" told Yale as he grinned.

"Wow like the school!" gasped Beverley. "I am Beverley;" she muttered as she smiled.

"Your child asleep?" asked Yale as he saw the child's eyes were closed.

"Probably;" told Beverley before she checked. "Yes, all tuckered out;" she muttered before she pulled the child away from her nipple in order to lay it down onto the seat next to her.

Yale feasted on the hanging breasts that jiggled as Beverley moved. He wanted to reach out and touch them, however he had no way of covering himself if he did move and she screamed out in alarm! He would probably get arrested for assaulting a mother! He could read the papers already, and he began to grimace.

"So you from around here?" asked Yale as he smiled.

"Sure, Oak Street;" told the female as she grinned.

"I know that street;" told Yale as he grinned back. "I used to go to school there;" he muttered.

"No way? That's why I chose it! So close to the school;" told Beverley as she smiled and laughed.

"Indeed;" told Yale as he grinned.

Beverley smiled, and then she pulled her top back up. Yale smiled and hid the fact that he was disappointed. Beverley grinned and then finished off the tea in a few gulps. Yale glared.

"So do you need a ride?" he asked as he looked to her.

"No we're okay taking the bus;" told Beverley as she ran a hand through her hair.

"Are you sure? I don't mind giving you a lift;" told Yale as he looked at her.

"Hmm.. no it's okay;" told Beverley as she began to fidget. "I have a husband at home so I wouldn't want him to get the wrong idea;" she said. "He'd say I'm lazy;"

"Oh;" muttered Yale as he glared.

"But thanks for the offer;" told Beverley as she stroked his leg a little with her shoe.

Yale smiled and he cleared his throat as he felt the shoe. Beverley was toying with him. He knew it was a wicked flirt!

"You flirt like that I'll drive you home;" he muttered as he narrowed his eyes.

"I am sorry;" told Beverley as she put her shoe down. "I wanted to pamper you for being so nice;" she smiled. "A dream;" she muttered before she pulled herself together, and then drank the coffee that had been left behind.

"Don't worry about paying;" told Yale as he smiled at Beverley. "You've made my day;" he muttered.

"I am so glad I met you;" muttered Beverley as she finished her coffee and grinned. "I come here on Fridays every week around this time;" she said. "Maybe I'll see you again;"

"That would be good;" told Yale as he grinned and then pushed a card towards him. "Call me if you ever want a ride;"

Beverley smiled at the card, then she picked it up. She placed it inside of her purse under her key-card, then she moved to put her child inside of its pram. Beverley took one more look at Yale and then she grinned.

"I'd like that;" she said before she turned and moved to the exit door.

"So would I;" muttered Yale before he put up his hand in order to order himself a hot dog with the lot.


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