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What constitutes bad manners? - by D. Armenta

Burping out loud at the dinner table

March 21st 2007 01:43
Ever since I was a small child, I have heard this oft-repeated phrase: "In some countries, burping out loud at the table is a compliment to the cook." (This phrase was usually stated by someone who had just been chastised for doing so) to which the standard parental reply was "In this country {USA} it's considered grounds for punishment..go finish your meal in the kitchen!"
Now, I've been to many places but I have yet to find the place where burping out loud at the table was considered a compliment to the cook. Accidental burps don't count here..just the ones executed on purpose. Anyone know of a place where burping deliberately is good manners?


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Comment by youranter

March 23rd 2007 08:23
I've heard, but can't vouch for it, that either in China or Japan it is considered a compliment. I used to work with some Jamacians who burped, saying it was a compliment, but these guys would fart at the table too, saying it meant your digestive system was working properly. I never bought into that theory. As for burping, I think it's right to say, "When you go to that country, burp your brains out, but don't do it here.' Beside the noise, some burps smell so bad it's gag a maggot. Why should I have my meal ruined just because you think it's funny to be uncouth?

Comment by D. Armenta

March 23rd 2007 23:13

Comment by Anonymous

October 26th 2007 16:23
wikipedia said that the dining ettiquette is to burp and it is a compliment to the host in Hong Kong.

Comment by youranter

October 27th 2007 18:50

Comment by Anonymous

March 24th 2009 17:44
This website also suggests burping is a compliment in Hong Kong.

Your text goes here

Comment by Anonymous

March 24th 2009 17:45
This website also suggests burping is a compliment in Hong Kong.

Really Long Link profile.htm

I tried to link it last time but it didn't come through

Comment by Anonymous

June 17th 2010 17:38
burping is fun!
I always do it with friends and family

Comment by Anonymous

July 2nd 2010 11:26
It's considered good manners to burp and fart at the same time in Alaska

Comment by Anonymous

July 2nd 2010 19:18
I heard Alaskans consider that foreplay, hahaha!!

Comment by Anonymous

January 26th 2012 21:34
I've grown up in Hong Kong and I have never heard of this "burping" compliment nonsense until I was searching for "proper manners" on google.

I'm not sure about where that link above got their source, but growing up, it's taught to me that burping at anytime has been considered rude. It's only fine to burp if you really can't stop it and try to cover your mouth when doing it. I was also taught to say "excuse me" after burping too.

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