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Buffalo Bills Lose a Heartbreaker

November 12th 2012 16:45
The past decade of "playoff-less" football being played in Buffalo has been filled with gut-wrenching, disheartening moments. None have been worse for me personally than what Bills fans had to endure yesterday in their game against the Patriots. For some reason, in all of the Bills divisional game struggles, they have recently had the most success against the Patriots. They managed a win last year, and they held a 14 point lead in their matchup earlier this season (which we also saw them blow in epic fashion). Buffalo never held a lead in this game, and it in fact started off looking like it was going to be a blowout. Before you had time to get your second beer, the Pats were up 17-3 and Buffalo had racked up nearly 100 yard in penalties (another blogging rant for another time). The offense couldn't get out of their own way racking up yards only to be taken away from holding and false start calls. Defensively, they looked as bad as they have all year with Tom Brady just launching the ball as deep as possible and letting the refs take care of the rest by calling multiple Pass Interference penalties on the Bills' secondary (some warranted, some unwarranted).

In spite of this slow start though, Fitzpatrick and the Bills offense started moving the ball through effective running and great downfield passes. This looked like the offense that we saw go 3-0 to start last season, Fitzpatrick looked like the guy that earned that multi-million dollar contract. The receivers stepped up, Fred Jackson looked good, and CJ Spiller looked like THE best player on the field (or the league, but maybe I'm biased).

Fitzpatrick was able to match Brady blow for blow right up until the last drive of the game where the Bills had an opportunity to take the lead in leave New England with a win. With 2:15 and 2 timeouts, the Bills had plenty of time to work down the field and score. Missing from the field through most of this final drive though was the most dynamic player in the entire stadium, CJ Spiller. The Bills moved down the field still until two injuries, one to receiver Donald Jones and another to Fred Jackson (who fumbled for the second time) caused them to lose their timeouts. Then and only then was Spiller put in the game. WIth time winding down, Spiller got the ball and bolted down deep into Pats territory with 30 seconds left.

With 30 seconds, the ball deep in the Pats territory, and Stevie Johnson and CJ Spiller on the field it looked like a matter of how the Bills were going to win, not if they were going to win. But with all of this in the Bills favor, there was still a dark feeling deep down in my gut that had me second guessing whether the Bills could pull it out. For so long I have seen the Bills get so close to success only to blow it. Whether it was a week 17 must win to make the playoffs where they lose to a backup Steelers quarterback. Or all of those primetime game meltdowns like against the Patriots and Cowboys, I have seen them find ways to lose games that they should win.

I found myself trying to convince my gut that it was different this time. This time Fitzpatrick is going to get us in that end zone, this time everybody finally realizes that we need to get Spiller the ball in this crunch time moment. After finally convincing myself they wouldn't blow it.....they did, Fitzpatrick threw an errant pass (which we know now was due to a bad route) to rookie TJ Graham which got intercepted. My heart was in my throat, I sat there blankly looking at the TV in disbelief....and I don't know why. I don't get how I can continually be surprised by these late game gaffs that end in heartbreaking losses. Why do I believe that we are going to win these games? Why do I think Fitzpatrick can get it done at quarterback and why do I think the coaching staff can find ways to get CJ Spiller the ball?

To this date, this was the most disheartening and painful loss I've endured as a Bills fan, and I don't know why. I should have given up on them a long time ago, but thats not possible. I won't ever stop thinking they'll figure it out, because I am a fan, and I love this team. No matter how many games the Bills blow, I will still be on the edge of my seat each week expecting a win.

So this is why I challenge these guys to prove me right for once. I challenge Ryan Fitzpatrick to play 60 minutes of mistake free football. Stevie Johnson to keep coming up with first down catches, and to do it in the most important moments of the game. I challenge the defense to stop somebody for once, Mario Williams sure gets paid enough to get a sack every now and then. I challenge the coaching staff to give CJ Spiller the ball more than 13 times in a game. He needs 20 touches at the MINIMUM (we should see this Thursday because Freddy looks like he's going to be out). And most importantly I challenge Bills fans to keep doing what we're doing. Keep BILLIEVING, cause thats your job. Keep supporting these guys and they'll find a just gotta believe.


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