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Britain warned that the Chinese want to open play, and do not have much time left to Xi Jinping

December 17th 2012 05:55
p>British World magazine published an article said that the conflict in the South China Sea may have been in existence for a long time <a Really Long Link louboutins</strong></a>, but the risk was significantly increased There are several reasons. These domestic economic and political reasons in the destruction of the long-term restraint. China's new leadership to take some time to adapt to the new work, but the time is very limited. ASEAN started discussions around the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea, but Phnom Penh after the meeting, the negotiations apparently dead in stagnation.
<p>"Today's World" magazine No. article in question: the vagaries of the South China Sea on the storm brewing
<p>The conflict may have been in existence for a long time, but the risk was significantly increased for several reasons. There is no doubt that the president will be found in the second term, the South China Sea issue is one of the topics of the East Asia most popular spots.
<p>First, although the four ASEAN countries (Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei) Spratly Islands (Nansha Islands I ----- Ben Wang Note), claims to have sovereignty, but historically, mainly China and Vietnam bilateral dispute. Today the situation is completely different, almost all ASEAN member states are opposed to China. It revealed in July this year: the ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting held in Phnom Penh, then failed to issue an official communique after the end.
<p>The reason is that the ten new member states failed to form a common position around the South China Sea issue and China's increasingly aggressive maritime posture. The United States stressed that he attaches great importance to the sea (of course, including the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea).
<p>Secondly, the Phnom Penh meeting, ASEAN countries are making efforts to enhance the country's military (especially naval) strength. One of the striking developments for countries is busy purchase. Indonesia intend to purchase more than 10 submarines, in December 2011, it signed an agreement to buy three submarines to South Korea in 2024. Malaysia will be a French - Spanish associates to buy submarines. Vietnam will Russia to buy six Kilo-class submarines. Singapore has purchased the Swedish-made submarines. Thailand intends to buy six used German submarines. Philippines announced that, if the budget allows, also intends to do so. The situation has now evolved into an arms race at sea. Particularly dangerous is that these countries do not have the experience of using submarines.
<p>Xi total this that is very clear: the Chinese army must do to fight ready
<p>First of all <a Really Long Link uk</strong></a>, we would like to warmly congratulate the success of North Korea launch satellites on their own!
<p>To be honest, I really was I guess: North Korea finally live up to expectations "shot an arrow, and successfully launched!
<p>With the successful launch of this does make the world startled. Course, was delighted earthquake, was sorrow earthquake, was also helpless earthquake ...
<p>Sad or depressed, it should be said that Japan and South Korea. "Lo Lo," keep on fighting, in addition to the courage spirit is commendable outside, I do not know also what words can describe my contempt for them; Japan before the clamor and sent three equipped with the most advanced interceptor weapon systems Zeus shield to sensitive waters to intercept, even rocket hair never noticed the rest of the Montreal where to find the wreckage of the rocket splashed down ... tough interception into a joke!
<p>- Note: According to the estimates, the day U.S. and South Korea to intercept a day to spend nearly $ 10 million cost ...
<p>Helpless, only they pulled out a dozen years ago United Nations resolution strongly condemned North Korea not to face! In my view, the United States in fact was very clear to North Korea to launch rocket's true purpose, a better understanding behind more than one boss in the back propped. But in order to achieve the harmonious dialogue and the new leadership in China to understand the ability of leveraging the power of the Chinese people, do not want the things in East Asia big, and made their own things can not take into account ... put up.
<p>Of course, we can not say that China and Russia will be delighted shocked, because we feel very sorry "- Unfortunately, the" return to Asia Strategy leather again burst the merciless.
<p>A while ago, the United States, along with other allies to "Syria might use chemical weapons" as an excuse to high-profile announced that it would intervene in the Syrian conflict directly. This confession, the United States and its allies on the situation in Syria has lost patience, has not reconciled hiding behind to spend money manipulation, while trying to use direct intervention around the situation in the Middle East <strong><a Really Long Link louboutins sale</a></strong>. Iran "card" played repeatedly humiliated behind - Americans, is such a thorn in the side, but often dare pull the Tigers to be tiger can only look on in despair ...... extreme annoyance!
<p>Therefore, the United States resorted to the trick of "chemical weapons", jumped to the front for their own good publicity and bedding. But, Syria, Bashar government unceremoniously response: some evil forces, the opposition already has chemical weapons, the first to use they might be government troops, and will be planted to the government forces ... Oh, the first to fight for their own a foreshadowing confession that good!
<p>Then pulled back, and then look to Asia. The United States wanted to use Japan to contain or said to contain China, play cards, but tough, ruthless Tai Chi practices become masters: fishery boat normalization cruise, naval vessels often - old Diaoyu Islands waters Japan actual control pattern has completely broken, a lot of public opinion in the world guessing when landing on the island's problems in China, because this issue has been resolved from the Chinese jurisprudence. If the Chinese landed on the island, reasonable and legitimate, and that is absolutely ready to dry a premise. If you do not land on the island, this trend can continue to give their own time growing, but in the end will be a showdown by landing on the island to Japan and the United States! - This, presumably both Japan and the U.S. thought, perhaps they do not want to drag, want not adequately prepare the case as soon as possible to land on the island, as soon as the situation they want.
<p>Philippines, Vietnam, really do not want to talk about, garbage, garbage ...... except when "bitch like a stooge, can not see what they as. India, a high-profile involvement in the South China Sea, except to say The oil gods drank too much, do not see any wisdom, turban wrapped too thick, resulting in the head not getting enough oxygen, affecting the brain's normal thinking, wishful thinking to think with the United States promoted boarded big country stage.
<p>North Korea a stone, you can say a cooling effect on the chaotic situation in the Middle East, at least U.S. attention to Asia. The son really worse than I young, came to power, not only put down civil strife, but a stone's throw Ding clincher Houshengkewei. His shot, not only coordinate pressure on China and Russia, the Middle East allies Iran to suppress the arrogance of Japan and South Korea, more spit to the United States a sputum. A range of more than 10,000 km of carrier rockets, a change of the arrow, is the direct U.S. ICBMs; smooth orbit can we interpret accurately hit Washington, New York ...
<p>Finally, really want to say <a Really Long Link louboutins uk</strong></a>, admire the wisdom and courage of the Chinese leadership. The face of the complicated international situation, and always adhere to the great ideas: you hit you, I hit my. Xi total inspections Guangzhou forces, the words of the very understand that the army is to do the preparations for war.
<p><a Really Long Link


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