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Idiots Among Us - by Fingertip Titans Unite

Dead Kids In The Dryer, Mom Gutted In The Park

September 24th 2006 20:49
This one takes the cake Tiffany Hall was the demon babysitter from hell.

She cracks the Mommy's skull and cuts loose her 7mo gestation baby, Killing the baby, and leaving the Mommy to die in a park. But this was just the ending. Sometime before committing this heinous act, This Crack Whore Killed the 3 Kids she had babysat all their lives, and stuffed them in the washer and dryer!
Heres another gruesome visual for you.
A One Year old, and a two year old, cramed nude into the washer.

And a 7 year old in undies balled up like a string puppet tossed in a sock drawer, in the dryer!

Imagine, not only did this pathetic wretch murder these kids, I would imagine the 7 year old wouldn't just lie there and say "OK, kill me" (No 7 year old I know would do that) then, wore out from the struggle, she decides to hide their bodies in the laundry, like mismatched socks.

Here's my thinking on this: The death penalty is too good for this heifer.
Taxpayers will have to pay for her housing, food, medical care, and probably her lawyers, until her date with death, then we'll have to foot the bill for the medications to end her wasted life, then we'll probably have to pay for her burial, too. And she gets to lie on a table, strapped down, so she doesn't "hurt herself" by thrashing, endure the horrific "prick" of a tiny little needle, then fall asleep, or go numb, or however it happens, and it's all relatively painless.

Relative, that is, to the woman who bled to death after having her womb cut open, and her skull bashed in, relative to the deaths those two toddlers endured, and I don't even want to think about what the 7 year old endured, and she killed all of them for free. Didn't cost her a dime.

What a GYP!! Where is the justice in that? I propose that in just this one instance, they tell all the capital punishment opponents to "Hold that thought" and publicly execute this woman. In the slowest, most painful manner you can imagine. I could put all kinds of punishments on here that would be more than satisfactory, but might cause you to lose your lunch, and you wouldn't want to come back and read anotehr post, for fear that I"m a sicko.

But I think that allowing people who do horrible things to children to just ease out of this life is so unfair. It sickens me, and there is no fear in the perpetrators. What is happening to our society because of it? There is nobody to stick up for those dead kids, nobody is going to lobby for their rights, they don't even get the opportunity to choose to do right or wrong.

But the monster who took away their rights is entitled to a humane and painless death? makes no sense to me. This is why Public Executions should be legalized again. Maybe the family of the victims might not feel better, but I certainly would. I would be satisfied that the next Ignorant Loser who thinks of doing something horrible to innocent little kids would probably think twice before carrying out their plot if they could see with their own eyes what kind of punishment a bunch of pissed off parents can unleash.

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Comment by Johanna

September 24th 2006 22:42
This is horribly scary. I can see why you need to vent with this subject matter. What I want to know if how somebody can actually carry all this out? I can't even begin to comprehend how to do it.

Comment by Fingertip Titans Unite

September 25th 2006 03:16
Yea, she was the lady's best friend, too. Adds another "freaky" facet there, doesn't it? Incomprehensible.

Thanks for the comment, btw

Comment by MichaelB

September 28th 2006 04:36
I think it comes back to drugs, would she have acted this way if she wasn't high on crack or whatever her choice of poison was? Or coming down or in the horrors because she needed a hit? Who knows. Don't get me wrong, she did it, and she'll pay no doubt, but yet again another few lives have been lost either directly or indirectly because some sad sick person was off their head on drugs. Nobody wins huh. Thanks for the post. MB

Comment by Fingertip Titans Unite

September 28th 2006 14:04
They are saying the Mom's murder was one of those Kidnapping by Cecarean things. She murdered the whole fam-damily to get her hands on a baby.


Comment by Helen's House

October 4th 2006 05:47
I agree that the current laws are totally inadequate. Those who harm children are pretty much amoral and incorrigible. Taking drugs doesn't relieve anyone of responsibility for their actions and should not be a consideration. I too agree there are some crimes for which the death sentence should be in order. I don't agree with cruel applications as that makes us guilty of the same crime. However, those who harm a chld should never have the opportunity to repeat the offence, ever. If a society cannot protect its children it is a miserable society indeed.

Comment by Fingertip Titans Unite

October 4th 2006 13:08
My thinking on this subject is probably contraversial, but, hey, it's my blog, right?

If you use spankings to punish your children, but oppose the death penalty, that is hypocritical. People will want to take a gentle approach with a wretched loser, and snatch away the justice from the family of the victim, in the name of human rights, "nobody deserves a horrible death, regardless of what they've done" and at the same time will physically punish their children for nothing more than being children.

It makes no sense to me to allow someone to harm a child, and petition for their rights as humans, then turn around and deprive the children themselves of the exact same rights.

The Mommy in me will not allow it. I don't want anyone telling me that I need to spank my child for playing with a new "Toy" (i'm specifically referring to his voice-I've got a screamer, I'm trying to teach him to scream OUTSIDE) and then turn right around an argue that the death penalty is inhumane.

A screaming child isn't bringing physical pain to anyone, but he deserves to be HIT. A sick Psychotic Freak can rape, torture and murder a child, but doesn't deserve to suffer? I'm sorry. But the Mommy in me that metes out time-outs and stern words for an errant 2 year old is the same Mommy in me that would derive GREAT satisfaction from watching and ridiculing the suffering of someone who harms an innocent child.

The child is simply exploring the possibilities, and experimenting with a healthy curiosity, even if they do something horrible like bring home a bad report card or get caught smoking at school. The Sick Freak CHOOSES to intentionally harm another person, specifically an innocent, defenseless person with no means of self-defense.

Comment by Lilla

March 29th 2007 23:02

I have no words for those who would hurt is so heinous a crime in my mind, that I cannot even think about it for long, before feeling ill... really ill. So I do not think about it all, least I get really sick ...

I say : Bring Back the Death Penalty, or lobotomise the idiots making the rules! Rehabilitation for people like this is too good, too lenient. Maybe the bleeding hearts will argue that we are not to sit in judgement, turn the other bloody cheek and all that pish... but not me... that is what allows Bryn's nightmare (Deliver Us From Evil post) to rise, doesn't it?

Hypocrisy, how I hate it.

The kicker for me is that she will sit in an airconditioned prison, whilst children swelter across Australia in hot sardine box classrooms, during 40 degree heat...

... disturbing post...


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