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Google Docs to get snazzier

May 4th 2008 15:04
Google Docs has been constantly undergoing changes ,and the next round of changes is definitely going to ensure a lot of happy faces.

1) Now when you share your documents from the Docs list, you have all your options in one place. You can choose your collaborators and viewers, set permissions, and see who else is already sharing the document, just by clicking the 'Share' button.

2)Another usability update is the separation of "Print Settings" and "Print". This change lets you set up your settings - then at any time after that, selecting "Print" starts printing immediately.

3)Google has also taken steps toward offering templates. Now users have the ability to apply CSS to their documents - this means users can technically make their own templates if they are ambitious enough.


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer walked away from his bid for Yahoo and left numerous questions dangling.Now what next for Microsoft,and who was the real winner of this long drawn saga?Not hard to guess,but the google guys can afford to have a big smile on their faces now.

According to the Yahoo press release Jerry Yang, co-founder and chief executive officer of Yahoo told that "With the distraction of Microsoft's unsolicited proposal now behind us, we will be able to focus all of our energies on executing the most important transition in our history so that we can maximize our potential to the benefit of our shareholders, employees, partners and users."

The Microsoft press release on the other hand had Steve Ballmer saying that "After careful consideration, we believe the economics demanded by Yahoo! do not make sense for us, and it is in the best interests of Microsoft stockholders, employees and other stakeholders to withdraw our proposal,”


Vista--Security and annoyance

April 13th 2008 02:16
A Microsoft manager has said that one of the security features in Vista was deliberately designed to "annoy users" to put pressure on third-party software makers to make their applications more secure.

According to David Cross, a product unit manager at Microsoft "The reason we put UAC into the (Vista) platform was to annoy users--I'm serious,"

Cross claimed that annoying users had been part of a Microsoft strategy to force independent software vendors (ISVs) to make their code more secure, as insecure code would trigger a prompt, discouraging users from executing the code.


According to the HP press release the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC designed for the education market expected to be available later in April.The one of a kind device definitely seems to be quite compelling.

The HP Mini-Note PC starts at US$499 with the high end priced at US$749. All models use the Via C7 processor at 1.6 GHz and the US$499 model has 1 GB of memory with a 120 GB hard drive

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Microsoft's first Live Mesh Beta

April 7th 2008 18:24
Microsoft is set to deliver more details about its mesh-syncrhonization strategy — and deliver its first Live Mesh beta to external testers by the end of April.This after the company had made some flimsy promises about its plans to create seamless social "meshes".

Microsoft is planning to make available to a private group of external testers a first beta of Live Mesh by the end of this month, according to sources claiming familiarity with Microsoft’s plans

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FaceBook recently announced rolling out of its new privacy features that would give its users more options in enabling group access to information on their profiles. This is in addition to the limited profile access feature already present.

In addition, the site will also be adding a new chat feature that will be more reason for its users to continue to stay on the site

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iPhone SDK is out

March 8th 2008 12:42
After much ado about it, Apple has come out with the beta of the iPhone SDK in a move that is being seen as Apple's bid to make inroads into the Enterprise.

Having been a totally consumer oriented company, the move is corporate appeasement is closely being watched and there are several announcements that are as such not much clear

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Yoggie's newer USB firewal

February 19th 2008 08:44

Yoggie, the company that previously launched the firewall hardware device, has announced a new version of its product.

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Everex, the maker of the $199 gPC, will be launching the $399 ultramobile PC called Cloudbook.

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Mary Lou Jepsen left the OLPC project to start Pixel Qi, and she aims to bring to reality a sub-$100 laptop.

Pixel Qi, which has stated goal of leveraging a larger market for new technologies, beyond just OLPC can ensure that prices for next-generation hardware can be brought down by allowing multiple uses of the key technology advances

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Comment by Arun On Technology
on Apple updates iPod Shuffle

January 27th 2008 21:16
Too bad the iPod Mini was bundled in.

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The message is there. You have to want to make a difference. No matter whether others follow or not.

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Great way to see and figure out time I must say !

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Great to see major content publishers get behind the blogging bandwagon !

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I must say, this is great technology. The potential of LEDs has been known for some time now. There was a project also sponsored for using LEDs to light up villages in developing nations.

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Comment by Arun On Technology
on Virtually real or really virtual?

January 27th 2008 21:07
Its a great title you have given to the video !

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Its a machine cut out for the high class business executive. That is one thing I can confirm. The machine gives out a strong message and makes impressions.

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Comment by Arun On Technology
on OMG scary thought #2

January 27th 2008 20:55
It is a grave matter indeed when you consider the compounded effect of a cheap car hitting the indian and for that matter developing countries. But there are subtle things to notice here.

1. With a high density penetration in the developed countries, its a fact that more and more car manufacturers are now looking towards countries with momentous growth such as China and India.

2. The cheap car - the Nano being released by the Tata group is one of the most environmentally efficient ones and makes it an alternative solution for people aspiring for higher more luxury models.

I am borrowing on someone else's idea here but the fact is that the nano is going to take away the status symbol that is so attached to owning a car. It will be akin to what cheap air travel did to flights and mass mobiles did to the status of owning a mobile phone.

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Comment by Arun On Technology
on Meme

January 27th 2008 20:40
When I saw the term 'meme', the first thing that came to my mind was 'techmeme', the popular technology tracker.

Thanks for the information on the origins of the word meme. Also if I believe Richard Dawkins is a long time friend of Charles Simoyni, the ex-Microsoft chief architect - more popularly known as the father of Microsoft Office.

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Comment by Arun On Technology
on Simple SEO Tips

January 15th 2008 08:18
Thanks Katyzzz !

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