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Born and living in Spain, Angeles works for a private company in her country.

Angeles is the editor of the Spanish Language site at and also writes monthly articles in Spanish for the magazine ThinkSpanish.

Her passion is teaching her language, Spanish, online. She has been doing it for 10 years.


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Writing jobs - 25th August 2014

August 25th 2014 17:12
Writting jobs

Here's a list of some writing jobs lists I have found on

Local Music, Event & Entertainment Writers Needed (remote) (Charlotte, NC)
Location: Charlotte. NC.
Compensation: $250/mo.
Requirement is 24-30 posts per month, with a minimum of 6 published posts per week (400-600 words in length along with minor formatting requirements).

Lifestyle Copywriter (Charlotte, NC)
Compensation: $20/blog post; 100% of client interview content supplied.
Work: 300 - 500 word blogs

Digital Content Manager (Rock Hill)
See post for requirements and duties.

Staff writer (Philadelphia)
Philadelphia Gay News is hiring.
Read post for specific duties and requirements.

Seeking a Business Writer to handle a wide range of written communications within our Marketing Department
Four year college degree specific to communications required.

Unique website content needed. (Your home)
Compensation: $2.5 per page.
Each contract will be for 50 pages, each with different subjects.

Urban & Hip Hop News Site Needs Editors / Writers
Full Time and Part Time opportunities.
Shifts will require late night and or weekend availability.

Senior Editor (philadelphia) is hiring.
Read post for requirements and duties.

Write About Green Issues, Animals, Human Rights, Progressive Politics (telecommute)
Compensation: per content and completion bonus
Contract job internship part-time
Telecommuting okay

NZ Accent - Part time and full-time transcriptionists wanted (any location)
Contract job
Telecommuting okay

Translators Needed - Work from Home
Pay range: $15-30 /hr, depending on ability.
Telecommuting okay
You must live in the US, and be:able to work legally in the US.

Remember! Be careful with scams and never pay to get a job.

Good luck!

Writing jobs - 23rd August 2014

August 23rd 2014 20:36
writing, jobs
writing jobs


Here's a list of last posts found on Good luck and be careful with scams!

Copywriters (Edison)
They pay 10$ per hour. It is an on-site position. Writing about games, comics, etc..,

Dissertation Editting (Can be via Internet )
They are looking for someone for scientific dissertation and with good English and writing skills. Compensation: TBD.

Academic Writer (Remote)
Strong academic background. Part-time freelance position.
Compensation: $12 per 250 word/page DOE
Telecommuting okay

Looking for a Freelancer Writer for Family Fun & Entertainment Column (Smithtown Area)
Compensation: TBD
Telecommuting okay
They are looking for someone "knowledgeable about local happenings, things to do, entertainment and attractions on Long Island,·

50 Freelance Writers Wanted: Guaranteed Work With Interesting Topics
Telecommuting okay
CrowdSource is hiring! Short articles, weekly bonus. You need to apply first.

Now hiring editors for ongoing work (Anywhere)
Payment: $0.25/100 words
Your native language must be English. They say they can provide work.
You need to apply.

Transcriptionist / Transcriber (Los Angeles)
Telecommuting okay
As they say... "The majority of the work will be regular Reality TV style interview transcription, but candidate MUST HAVE As Broadcast Script and Continuity Script experience and skills. "

And that's all for today! I'll prepare a new list soon.

Writing Jobs - 22th July 2012

July 22nd 2012 19:47

Here's a new list of writing jobs I just found on Hope you find this useful and please... Be careful with scams! Never, never pay to get a jog!

White Nile is searching for individuals to write reviews for a broad selection of published titles.
$5-$15 per review.

Freelance Authors for How-To Technology Books
Compensation: $0.15- $0.25 per word
This is a contract job.

Freelance Authors for Business and Self-Help Summary Books
Compensation: $0.25 per word
This is a contract job.

Writer Needed for Content Writing (US)
Location: US
"We are searching for a content writer with great grammar skills and excellent word flow!

Academic Writers Needed (Telecommute (Kenosha))
Location: Telecommute (Kenosha)
"Do you have experience writing college papers?"

Looking for a Freelance Writer with a Passion for Long Island (Suffolk County, NY)
Location: Suffolk County, NY
Compensation: $25-50 per article - see description.
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.

Seeking Writer for Feature Film Screenplay (Los Angeles)
Location: Los Angeles
Compensation: $1000

SEO Writer Needed (Any)
Location: Any
Compensation: $15 per 1,000 words

Fashion Blogger
Compensation: per blog/to be discussed
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.
This is a contract job.
This is an internship job
OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities

Freelance Writer (Philadelphia Area)
Location: Philadelphia Area
Compensation: TBD
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.

Gadget and Technology Writers wanted (Work From Anywhere)
Location: Work From Anywhere
Compensation: $4 per short (minimum 300 word) Article created
Telecommuting is ok.

Location: Miami
Compensation: $10.00 per hour
Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.
This is an internship job

Goog luck!

A cat.... barking?

December 21st 2011 19:51
cat, humor, funny, video

The first time I watched this video... couldn't believe my eyes! We have 1 cat and 1 dog, that's why my husband sent me this video

[ Click here to read more ]

Writing Jobs - 20th December 2011

December 20th 2011 20:18

Mommy's Nose is Scary!

December 14th 2011 18:26
funny, video, baby

Why not to start with a fun video like this? I know there are lots of funny videos presenting little babies... But they are fun

[ Click here to read more ]


December 13th 2011 20:19
Why not? Having fun is a good way to forget problems and stress for some time.

We live in a hurry. Always thinking about the things we have to do, the problems we have to solve. So, let's take a break and smile for some minutes

[ Click here to read more ]

Writing Jobs - 13th December 2011

December 13th 2011 19:59

Here we are again! And here is the list of writing jobs I found today on As always, be careful with scams, and never pay to get a job

[ Click here to read more ]

Writing Jobs - 5th December 2011

December 5th 2011 20:03

Here's a new list of writing jobs I found on

[ Click here to read more ]

Writing Jobs - 25th November 2011

November 25th 2011 19:36
writing jobs

After some days very, very busy (sorry for the delay!) here I am again! [ Click here to read more ]


Recent Comments

Comment by Anonymous
on Writing Jobs - 18th September 2010

September 20th 2010 17:28
Thanks you so much, Stephen. Nice to know I can help!

I'll try to post this list as often as possible.

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Comment by angeles
on LoveToKnow

August 22nd 2010 07:37
Thanks for the feedback!

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Comment by angeles

June 14th 2010 16:56
Hello Jonathan, and thanks for the information. This way readers can have a good idea on how Kontera works. So.... you lowered the minimum payout to $50! I didn't know that!

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Comment by angeles
on LoveToKnow

June 13th 2010 21:40
Thanks for the info! And... it sounds great!

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Comment by angeles
on Writing Jobs - 11th June 2010

June 12th 2010 09:26
Thanks, katyzzz!

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Comment by angeles
on Associated Content

June 11th 2010 22:46
Yes! You are right! I read the e-mail they sent and... "There is no deadline for applying to the program, but you will not be able to earn further payment until/unless you are accepted. "

For some reason, I thought they were giving a dut-oof day!

Oh, by the way, this is my profile at AC:

Really Long Link

Not very active!

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Comment by angeles
on LoveToKnow

June 11th 2010 22:40
Thanks so much for letting us know, Marie Anne. When writing this post, the only thing I found was information on how to apply.

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Comment by angeles
on Writing Jobs - 11th June 2010

June 11th 2010 22:36
Thanks to you Marie Anne!

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Comment by angeles
on Associated Content

June 11th 2010 22:35
Thanks, Marie Anne!

Good news! In fact, before they stopped paying performance payments I received and e-mail saying about the possibility of applying to be a Featured Contributer but, as far as I can remember, there was a limit date for to apply for that! I have to check it again

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Comment by angeles
on Cooking With What You Have

June 5th 2010 18:26
That's great! I have to check it. Thanks for the info!

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