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There are four ways to advertise on Orble:

Banners, Mixed Advertising, Blog Sponsorship, and Promotional Blogs.

If you are interested in advertising on any Orble website, would like a quote, or require more information please contact:

Banner Advertising

Orble accepts banner advertising in most standard sizes and formats. Rates are based on CPM (cost per thousand page views) and range from $3 to $40 depending on topic and volume.

It is possible to advertise on either a specific blog or a channel. A channel is a group of blogs on a similar topic. Orble channels include Sport, Film, Motoring, Television, Fashion, Writing, Parenting, Food, Gaming, Technology, Business, Politics, Celebrity, Comedy, Travel, Environment, Health, and Religion.

If required, traffic can be segmented by country within each blog, each channel, and Orble as a whole. The majority of Orble's readers are based in the USA, the UK, and Australia. Segmentation by city is also available with accuracy rates around 80%.

Cheaper CPM rates are available for remnant traffic across the entire network.

CPC or affiliate arrangements are also possible if there is a good fit with a particular demographic.

Mixed Advertising

This is the most effective way to advertise on an Orble site and goes beyond regular banner advertising.

Mixed Advertising packages are sold in week-long units and include:

1) Blanket banner advertising for the entire week. This includes both the horizontal banner at the top of each page, as well as the rectangle island banner within the text. Traffic can be segmented by country if required and rates adjusted accordingly.

2) One promotional post (article) which can be used to run promotions or competitions, have products or services reviewed, conduct surveys, or make announcements. This is a great opportunity to interact with a target audience.

3) A permanent link to your website at the end of each post made during that week, usually in the form "Sponsored By: Company Name". This is useful for improving the search engine rank of your website as well as directing readers to your web pages. Specific link text can be used if required.

Mixed advertising rates start from as little as $200 for a one-week unit. Discounts are available for longer periods.

Blog Sponsorship

Blog Sponsorship provides all the benefits of mixed advertising, but over a longer time period. Along with cheaper rates this allows more in depth and imaginative promotional programs which result in greater brand awareness amongst a blog's readers.

You can either sponsor an existing blog or Orble staff can create a new one which will specifically appeal to readers from your target demographpic.

Promotional Blogs

Another way to advertise on Orble is to run a blog yourself. For instance a Web Design company could run a blog on web design, use the advertising space for promotion, and place a link to their website at the end of each post. Other examples include pub running a local community events blog, a cinema running a film blog, or a nursery running a gardening blog.

In practice this means providing a writer who will create the content for the blog and who the Orble staff will be able to train via phone or email. Often it's more effective to Sponsor a blog and let Orble source a writer who is already trained, however for small companies this can provide a cheaper alternative. Running a successful blog requires at least 4 hours working time per week. Orble does not charge anything for Promotional Blogs, instead taking 50% of the advertising space.

Please note that Promotional Blogs, like Sponsored blogs, cannot be about a company, but rather about a topic which will attract your company's target demographic. Online readers are usually quite sophisticated and are quickly able to detect promotional editorial.

How many readers can you expect on your Promotional blog? See this post.

If you are interested in advertising on an Orble website, would like a quote, or require more information please contact:

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On Topic Media's founder and CEO is Dr Jon Deutscher.