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Orble.com is a community of bloggers who provide an independent source of news, features, opinion, and entertainment.

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What makes Orble a great place to blog?

It's a community, it's interesting, it's fun -- Orble is more than just a blogging network, it's also a vibrant community. There are lots of interesting people already blogging on Orble and with over 150,000 readers every day the Orble network is a great place to share your passions or debate the issues.

More people will read your blog -- Orble is designed so that good writing gets the attention it deserves. Each blog is promoted on the Orble network helping you attract more readers than would be possible elsewhere with a stand-alone blog.

Being part of a blogging network also helps you attract more Search Engine traffic. Any experienced blogger will tell you that this is essential.

The graph below show the average number of readers for an Orble domain blog over time.

For a more detailed look at what you can expect from an Orble blog in terms of traffic read:


It's completely free -- An Orble blog costs you nothing, nada, zilch, zip.

In fact you can make money -- Orble bloggers make anything from a few cents to $100 or more per week. Find out more here. If you build up a successful blog you can even sell it as long as it remains on the Orble network.

Write about almost anything -- Orble sites are not limited to current affairs with online blogs, websites, books, and guides covering everything from sports and travel to business and hobbies.

Build your resume -- Writing for Orble is great for building your resume and an increasing number of writers have found mainstream media jobs through exposure on Orble.

Terms & Conditions -- As always there have to be a few rules. You can read ours here.

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Orble provides two kinds of blog:

Regular Blog -- Anyone can create a free blog on Orble. You will have access to basic support and the guides and forums. Your posts will also be published on the Orble homepage.

Domain Blog -- After creating 5 posts on a regular Orble blog you will automatically be considered for a blog on the Orble network with a dedicated domain name (known as a domain blog) and/or asked if you would like to contribute to an established blog.

If you would like to be considered for a domain blog try to write about a specific subject such as fashion or baseball rather than a "thought for the day" or diary format.

Domain blogs are linked into the Orble network and generate a much larger readership than regular Orble blogs.

You can write about any subject, however if you focus on a topic which fits into one of the following areas you will have a higher chance of being given a domain blog:

Computer Games

Domain blogs are placed on newly registered domains or you can take over an older inactive Orble blog which may have an established readership, subscription base, and search engine traffic.

Note that if a domain blog is inactive (no new posts) for more than 60 days it may be allocated to another blogger.

You can create a regular Orble blog here. It only takes a minute or two to get started.

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On Topic Media's founder and CEO is Dr Jon Deutscher.

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