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Welcome to my random blog. This is where I can post whatever the hell I want without restraints on it being a film or food or whatever blog. It is also a place for me to store all the email forwards I receive that I think you would all like. Thanks heaps for stopping in and be sure to check out my other blogs: and Have a great day!

7yr Old Dies Protecting His Sister

February 18th 2009 08:09
This is absolutely horrific, I cried while reading this at the atrocities that we, as a human race, can sometimes do. I hope this man gets raped by horses, then tarred, then hung drawn and quartered.

RIP Zhenya - you are a true hero and an inspiration to the world.

A seven-year-old boy who died defending his older sister from a potential rapist has been honoured posthumously. Zhenya Tabakov's mother received the order of courage medal on behalf of her son.

Just over two months ago Galina lost her son and she's still struggling to get over the shock.

Zhenya was brutally murdered by a robber, as the boy was trying to save his 12-year-old sister from being raped.

It all happened in late November, in the small military town of Noginsk-9 - a place where even small crimes are rare.

Around midday, a man rang the bell of the flat where Zhenya and his family lived.

“I asked who it was. The man said he was the postman, and he needed to give us a telegram and get a signature. So I opened the door,” recalls Zhenya’s sister Yana.

The little girl says the man held a knife to her throat, and demanded that her brother bring him all the money he could find. Zhenya did as he was told. But when the man started undressing his sister it was more than the boy could bear.

Zhenya seized a knife from the kitchen and plunged it into the man's back. This didn't kill the attacker, but it was enough to set Zhenya's sister free. She ran for help. But it was too late for her brother - he was stabbed eight times.

Thirty-five-year old Sergey Kiyashko is in custody accused of the murder. Police say they have all the evidence they need to convict him.

The entire population of the little town seemed to show up for the farewell ceremony. The heroic death of seven-year-old Zhenya was something that the federal prosecutor's office could not pass by either. The chief inspector Aleksandr Bystrykin paid tribute to the boy's courage.

“At the prosecutor’s office, we witness many atrocities on a daily basis. But this case has sent many of us into shock. And it's played a part in the drafting of a new law on tougher punishment for those who commit crimes against children,” Bystrykin said.

Receiving the order for her son, Galina was unable to speak.

Nothing can bring Zhenya back to life again, but the little boy's heroism has become the pride of the town - and of his school in particular.

The boy’s photo now occupies the desk where he used to sit. Later on a special plaque will be fixed onto it. And only the best pupils will have the chance and honour of taking that place.

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11 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Wilson Pon

February 18th 2009 16:55
A very brave little man, Jason. I think Zhenya's mother should be really proud of him! May Zhenya's soul RIP...

PS: This is 100 times meaningful than the 13-year-old dad...!

Comment by Jason King

February 18th 2009 19:12
Thanks Wilson. This is an horrific story and I agree about its meaningfulness.

Comment by Kleonaptra

February 19th 2009 04:32
Such bravery. If only he had stabbed the attacker in his preferred shoulder...That might have done it. Or slightly to the side of the spine to hit the lung. Still, that kid is a hero.

Talking about horrific modes of death, my man once explained to me about a certain culture (cant remember which one) that deemed if a noble was to be put to death, they were to be rolled in a carpet (like, actually sewn into the carpet so you cant fall out) and thrown in with the stallions. He just had to ask me, what would that death be like?

I can tell you, it might take days to die. I've seen my boys go mental over old feedbags that blow into the yard, and how they attack intruders. I can imagine the glee a whole pack of stallions would have, picking up the carpet and throwing it, kicking it, rolling it....I cant imagine anything more terrifying. So, lets get a rug and some stallions for this guy, eh?

Comment by Cheryl J

February 19th 2009 06:07
What a tragic story and such a brave little soul. I hope this animal (no disrespect to animals) enjoys the daily rapes he will surely endure in prison if there is any justice in this world.

Sadly the biggest blight on humanity is the human race. Every day we hear of the cruelty perpetuated on humans by humans.

My heart feels ripped open for his family. Especially the sister who will no doubt always, wrongly, blame herself.

I agree with Kleo's idea of punishment. It seems fitting.

Comment by Jason King

February 19th 2009 07:49
Kleonaptra - (what does your name mean - I always assumed it was Kleonpatra because Cleopatra was already taken ) Yes - the kid is a hero - totally - if only anything different had happened - if only the prick had been hit by a bus that morning and he got stuck under the bus and the bus driver did not realise as he dragged him two km's over razorblades - ok - did I go too far? I do like your death idea for the bastard though - maybe we could combine it with the first part of mine.

Cheryl -
I hope this animal (no disrespect to animals)
I got a laugh out of this, thanks! I also like your idea for punishment. I never considered the sister's life long reaction - that is horrible. The little kid should be a saint. His miracle is he found the strength to face all odds and with his sacrifice he has helped remove a maggot of the street. And just for you - no offence to maggots.

Anonymous - I hope you like the blog but for some reason I think maybe you is a machine - you left the exact message on my other blog letter for letter. If not then massive apologies and welcome but if so spamming in blogs sux!

Comment by Kleonaptra

February 19th 2009 09:04
I propose a new saying, "throw him to the stallions!" Tehehe....No, you didnt go too far, Im a masochist anyway.

You are the first person EVER to ask about my name! Thankyou, and I will be delighted to tell you.

I pride myself on the creation of unusual and beautiful names - we have cats named Xiara and Ynatra. 'Kleonaptra' is indeed a tribute to Cleopatra, a figure I adore. While writing my book and its history, I created family trees for all the royal families. 'Kleonaptra' is not a character that actually appears in the story, but she is a name on the family tree in the royal family of magicians. I started using it as a log in name (first ever place was SEEK) simply because its never been used. I was sick of every name being taken, so I went through my family tree pages and picked one. When creating my orble account, everything was taken, so I thought, 'haha, I know a name no one has!' And thus, I became Kleonaptra, a mythical figure of my own creation!

Comment by Jason King

February 19th 2009 09:10
Wow - AWESOME!! I love a good story about why things are and this one is cool. Tell me about your book - this is something else I find fascinating - I love mythical books and magic stories - this could be a win win Is it published - can I get it somewhere?

PS: Throw him to the stallions may just take a hold - will try it at work and judge how odd the looks I get are.

Comment by Cheryl J

February 19th 2009 09:16
No, call him a maggot. I hate maggots!

Anonymous is a spammer, I'm reporting it to Jon. He got me too. Now there is a maggot. How inappropriate to spam on a blog of a topic like this.

Comment by Jason King

February 19th 2009 09:21
OK - cool, I was worrying I maybe offending someone who had a message they copied and pasted to everyone. It is very inappropriate but if it's a machine - I don't think they consider the rudeness Hopefully Jon can ban him/ it.

Maggot hater - poor little creatures eating the crap of the world. Haha

Comment by Crying Goddess

December 22nd 2011 19:08
This is so horrible, I'm digusted. A little seven year old boy actually proved himself to have far more compassion than that perverted monster of a man. The latter is a full grown adult, but he has absolutely no conscience whatsoever, because if he had, he would never have tried to rape a little girl or stabbed a little boy to death, because that's the kind of crimes only a perverted monster would commit. Childrape and childmurder, people! I hope that man gets the death penalty for what he did! And the word "animal" is a serious misnomer in my eyes. I have seen countless of animals that were far more compassionate than we humans could ever dream of. "Monster" or "lowlife-savage" sounds much more fitting. "Psychopath" or "sadist" can do it, too. But seriously...I'm freaking disgusted.

Comment by Jason King

December 27th 2011 08:53
Thanks for your thoughts and comments on this Crying Goddess, totally accurate and echoing mine and most people's civilized thoughts - this happened nearly three years ago - I need ot try and track down what did happen to the asshole!!

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